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She never hid her flightiness from her husband

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Over a decade ago, a group of men who belonged to the same indigenous club had an annual get together where wives and kids were treated to good food, music and gifts.

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They were all in fairly jolly moods when Dinyo, one of the few unattached members walked in with a mulatto in tow. The pair got curious looks from this bunch of fairly parochial people – who was the girl that stuck out like a sore thumb? Some of the men were, however, not impressed by what they saw. “Meet my fiancee”, Dinyo, the man announced, grinning from ear-to-ear. He looked like a magician who had successfully performed a seemingly impossible feat.  Disapproval was clearly written on most of the wives’ faces and their husbands looked confused. It was bad enough that he couldn’t find one of their `kind’ to marry – but a half caste?  And fairly well-known to some.

Dinyo on the other hand, couldn’t be happier. He’d spent months hot on the trail of his new fiancee until she’d grudgingly agreed to marry him in spite of the number of men he had to contend with. He looked at his future wife proudly as she sat primly like a model waiting for a professional photographer – amongst the other ‘drab’ wives. In the end, Taiwo, another member couldn’t contain his disgust any longer. As soon as he decently could, he dragged Dinyo to a corner.  “Are you mad?” He hissed. “That girl is nothing short of a prostitute”.  Men from his side of the country are not known for their fact and diplomacy.  “I have seen her around you know,” he continued heatedly.  “Even in her university days, she’d always been with men who were generous with their money, she was always being used by the4se contact hunting men as either a sexual bait, a sexual bribe or a sexual present. Why do you want lo take such a girl as a wife?”

Dinyo was livid.  Again men from his part of the country have tempers with very short fuses. He punched Taiwo in the nose and the whole thing would have degenerated into a real brawl if the president of the club hadn’t called both men to order. Dinyo grabbed Mary-Ann, his beloved fiancee, and walked out of the gathering. Three months later, the wedding took place. Dinyo’s friends and club members honoured the wedding invitation, giving the marriage less than five years. It lasted almost ten. And they were ten nightmarish years. Taiwo, who first sounded the death-knell of the wedding to Dinyo said gleefully, “Marriage didn’t cramp Mary-Ann’s lifestyle at all. She continued her carryings-on as if she were still single.  Because of the type of job I do, I was able to keep tabs on her, but I didn’t tell my friend anything about his precious wife any more. He was the one who was carried away by being married to an `Oyinbo’, despite her obvious arrogance and insatiable appetite for sex.

“But other members and friends were witnesses to some of her escapades. The husband caught her a few times too – not actually beneath her lovers, but in some compromising positions that left little to the imagination. The quarrels they had were always violent. Dinyo had a nephew living with him and he was also very critical of his uncle’s wife.  As he grew older though, he became less critical an at times showed disapproval that his uncle was always `witch-hunting, the poor woman in spite of the fact that they already had two kids. Out of exasperation, Dinyo came to me.  He was fed up with being made a laughing stock by everybody, he confessed. He was particularly miffed that his nephew who was now in his early twenties, no longer saw eye-to-eye with him because of his wife.  I told him to send Mary-Ann packing before she drove him crazy. He promised to do that soon but he never did until she had to move our herself.

On this fateful day, Dinyo, who is a fairly successful auto dealer, felt a bit fed up with work and came home early for a change. He was happy that Mary-Ann wasn’t in the expensive gift shop she ran as her car was still in the drive. He let himself in. The house was a bit quiet so he naturally assumed Mary-Ann was having a nap before going to pick up the kids from school. Tiptoeing, ever so quietly, so as not to disturb her ladyship’s beauty sleep, he opened the bedroom door.  He did a double-take.  He looked around him. Was he in the wrong house?  Of course, he wasn’t. It was really his wife who was stark naked in the bedroom, striding on top of the naked body of his twenty-two-year-old nephew!  They were both sweating profusely and having raw sex.  Dinyo raised an alarm. They both turned round with startled looks.

Before he knew what was happening, the nephew raced past him into his own room and bolted the door. His wife looked defiant as Dinyo gave her a few slaps in anger. Dinyo marched in disgust to call a few relations. Mary-Ann’s parents were dead anyway, and her younger brother didn’t give a toss about the marriage. By the time Dinyo’s relations arrived, both culprits had flown the nest. Needless to say, Dinyo’s people and friends haven’t stopped their derisive laughter.  They warned him a lot of times, didn’t they?  He is now left literally holding the two offspring of the marriage. Mary-Ann is no longer interested in the marriage.  The last they heard of her, she had travelled in the company of one of her rich ‘comforters’ so, she could get away from it all.

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