The International Centre for Disaster Management (ICDM) has accused the International Committee for Red Cross (ICRC) of fabricating the report on missing persons in the north-east.

ICDM alleged that the report is a deliberate move to destabilise the “remarkable momentum” garnered by the Nigerian military in recent times.

Addressing the media in Lagos on Thursday, Rowland Onyeke, ICDM’s country representative, said blackmail will not work against the military.

The centre urged Nigerians to ignore the reports.

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His statement below:

We welcome you all to this all-important press conference which is put together at the instance of the various allegations levelled against the Nigerian Military in operation in North-East Nigeria, by the International Committee for Red Cross in Nigeria. (ICRC)

The International Centre for Disaster Management is a stakeholder in managing the humanitarian crisis in Nigeria and has been actively involved in efforts towards mitigating the effects of the humanitarian crisis that has come about as a result of the war against terrorism in North-East Nigeria.

As an organization, we have transverse the length and breadth of North-East Nigeria since 2009, when the Boko Haram terrorist group began a violent campaign against Nigeria. As such, we are conversant with the operations of the Nigerian Military in the region and can as well speak authoritatively on matters that revolve around military operations in North-East Nigeria, as well as the activities of NGOs in operation in the area.

The International Centre for Disaster Management is therefore alarmed by the narrative pushed forward by the ICRC against the Nigerian Military. As a critical stakeholder, we are duty-bound to put the issues in proper perspective and disabuse the minds of the unsuspecting members of the general public.

As a first, there is no iota of truth in the narrative by the ICRC against the Nigerian Military because, in all of the years, the ICDM has been actively involved in operations in North-East Nigeria; the Nigerian Military has exhibited a high level of professionalism. It has equally extended courtesy where the need arises to NGOs operating in the region.

This is also of the heels that the activities of some NGOs have been suspect, given their penchant for wanting to have the Military divulge sensitive operational, strategic documents to them; the Nigerian Military had remained courteous.

The International Centre for Disaster Management consequently sees the allegations by the ICRC as not only baseless but also a figment of their imagination that is geared towards causing an unnecessary distraction to the troops in operations in North-East Nigeria.

The International Centre for Disaster Management wishes to state that this is nothing but an attempt by the ICRC to hide the various acts of corruption been perpetuated by its personnel, as well as that of other international NGOs operating in North-East Nigeria.

The ICRC ought to do good by looking into its operations in North-East Nigeria to put its house in order as it is evident that it has, for inexplicable reasons, abandoned its noble objective in return for a plate of porridge.


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