By Ayo Onikoyi

No other social media platform has been more instrumental to flaunting of sexuality as the Instagram. The platform has turned many mediocre to celebrities on account of nothing else but their God-given endowments.

Actress Pat Ugwu exposes boobs in Instalive video(Opens in a new browser tab)

God-given endowment? Not in all cases because some who were stepped over by Mother Nature have artificially acquired it. The slogan is, if you don’t have it, you can acquire. And the curious thing is that it’s all about bums and boobs. Because Mother Nature hardly gives both in a person, some who have one have gone to have the other surgically.

The comic relief in this phenomenon is the that Africans are owing their bodies. No longer is the perception that the Western straight-up figure  is the in-thing. Even the Whites ordinarily gifted with slim frame without noticeable contours are scurrying for the African-like body figure.

In Nigeria and beyond, it is either flaunting of boobs or bums on the platform. It is quite interesting to see that bum people tend to flock together just as the boobs people. In some cases you can perceive a sort of latent war between these two groups.

Senate: Anti-corruption group seeks Kalu’s resignation(Opens in a new browser tab)

More damning is the fact that each of these people seem to know one another and aptly follow one and other. But the question is, who is winning the war? The boobs people or the bum people.



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