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Don’t give in to setbacks

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Pastor Oloruntimilehin Joshua Daramola

A LOT of people have died while others have perished or in bondage just as many are begging and praying for death to come.

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Anyone who takes his/her life shall be blamed by God. Imagine Judas Iscariot did not allow himself to be judged before he hanged himself. A wealthy businessman in India committed suicide because his business crashed and he was unable to offset his debt despite his wife’s advice to improvise and turn around the business. This man had lost all hopes and judged himself to be a failure.

A person who thinks he or she will die in sickness has already submitted himself or herself and lack the faith that healing can come.

Brethren what is the problem confronting you, is it lack of job, Childlessness, sickness, no husband or wife, are your children wayward or any problem whatsoever that will make you decide to commit suicide? Remember that all these are temporary setbacks. Don’t think these setbacks can never be changed for good.

Have lost your job? Remember that your life is not lost even if it lost, it can be restored as Jairus’ dead daughter (Luke 8:49-55) and Lazarus’ four days dead body were revived (John 11:1-16). It is my strong conviction that if Judas Iscariot did not hang himself and instead cried for forgiveness, Jesus would have appeared to him and forgiven him because he is merciful and compassionate. Peter and Judas committed similar offence: betrayal.

What is betrayal? Betrayal is when two or more parties are in understanding of something and one of the parties negates on it. It was during the Lord’ Supper that Jesus told his disciples that one of them would betray him. At that point all the disciples knew who was to betray Jesus because of Judas’ response to that allegation and Jesus’ reply in Matthew 26:25 says “…Surely not I, Rabbi, Yes it is you.”

In another occasion, Jesus told his disciples that all of them will fall on account of him (Matthew 26:31-35) Peter replied that if all fall that he will never fall. Then Jesus told Peter that he will deny him three times before the cock crows. Therefore there was similarity in what Jesus said to both Peter and Judas. While Jesus was being subjected to punishment and torture in cold weather, Peter was warming himself beside a bonfire. As Jesus was being taking away Peter was following them until he was identified and alleged to be one of Jesus’ disciples.

Eventually he denied knowing Jesus thrice to an extent that he cursed himself (Matthew 26:7). After the third denial, a cock crowed and immediately he realized what Jesus told him and he wept bitterly in the manner with Judas. He had the opportunity to repent before the third denial but he failed. In fact Peter was supposed to commit suicide. However he felt all hopes were not lost.

Brethren, as there was similarity in both cases also there was a difference and the difference was that Peter had wisdom and Judas did not. The wisdom is the fear of God. If a person has fear of God he or she has wisdom. The day a person falls, the fear of God will lift him or her up.

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Psalm 111:10 says: “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom…” Imagine it was the same Peter and other disciples Jesus appeared to after resurrection to help them to catch fish miraculously and reinstated Peter as leader of his followers. (John 21:1-23).


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