December 5, 2019

Carlcare launches in Lagos

Carlcare launches in Lagos

Carlcare senior executives and officials of government regulatory agencies at the ribbon cutting ceremony of the new Carlcare Flagship Service Centre at Oba Akran in Lagos.

Carlcare senior executives and officials of government regulatory agencies at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new Carlcare Flagship Service Centre at Oba Akran in Lagos.

By Oboh Agbonkhese

Carlcare has launched its first Flagship Service Centre in Lagos in the presence of government officials, members of the police force, market leaders, business partners, customers, the press and distributors of related products.

Speaking at the event, Leo Huang, Director, Carlcare Service of West Africa, a mobile phone repair, software upgrade, home appliance repair, flat-panel repair, old-for-new and accessories sales firm, said Carlcare will make unremitting efforts to continue to be a first-class comprehensive electronic product service provider.

According to him, “Carlcare will continue to provide quality after-sales service to its customers in a timely fashion while ensuring the customers are satisfied.

“I am announcing today the different channels to be available to Carlcare customers include, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and phone calls, in addition to the channels we have already.”

He added that in the era of Internet revolution sweeping the world, Carlcare combines the high efficiency and convenience of the Internet with the safe and reliable advantages of traditional stores, and cooperates with more than 2,100 service centres under the brand to help upgrade customer service experience.

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“We are glad that we have created over 500 direct jobs here at Carlcare, initiating quality trainings to empower our workforce with the skillsets required to grow themselves professionally, and ultimately keeping our customers happy,” says Chidi Okonkwo, General Manager, Transsion Holding Nigeria.

The form innovation and differentiation are the source of a company’s survival and development, a principle it has always adhered to help business development.

They added that in the digital era, in order to meet the needs of users more efficiently, Carlcare developed its own app to take care of network inquiry, maintenance inquiry, online consultation and answer, original mobile phone inquiry, warranty period inquiry, customer evaluation, among others.

They said in terms of service mode, Carlcare actively explores service mode according to customers’ needs, such as face-to-face maintenance, two-hour quick repair, appointment service, door-to-door service, online queuing system, delivery service, old-for-new, broken screen protection, extended insurance and other services, so that users can experience first-class service, which is well received by consumers

According to the firm, in future developments, Carlcare will continue to optimise the user experience, continue to lead the development and standardisation of the industry, and provide consumers with high-quality services.

“Through the creation and transmission of service value, Carlcare will make intensive efforts in service efficiency, service quality, service breadth, service innovation and personnel localisation to build a high-quality service ecosystem, while actively integrating into the co-construction work of the local society, promoting friendly exchanges between China and Nigeria, contribute to the stability, prosperity and development of the local economy, and create a beautiful blueprint together,” Carlcare vowed.