December 4, 2019

Breaking: AFN rejects Ogba’s resignation

Breaking: AFN rejects Ogba’s resignation

RED-HOT– The new Warri tartan track where the Golden League final will take place.


The Congress of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria today in Awka rejected the resignation of a board member Solomon Ọgba who resigned on Monday from the board.

Ọgba was the immediate past President of the Federation now led by Gusau, a time member of House of Reps.

AFN had been immersed in controversies and scandals. Shortly after the scandal of spending 135,000 IAAF money mistakenly sent to it another one emerged when it was revealed that the supervising African body also sent 150,000 dollars to assist it in the African Championship Nigeria hosted in Asaba. The money was said not to be accounted for.

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Ogba resigned early this week. It was reported that he cited interference.

The Congress this afternoon rejected his resignation and stated so in the statement it issued at the end of the Congress that was even controversial as some members had insisted that it was not properly convened and, shod not hold.

Below is the text of the statement they issued: