December 10, 2019

Abayomi tasks Nigerians on regular dental checkups

Abayomi tasks Nigerians on regular dental checkups

MEDICAL OUTREACH: Dental services going on during a medical outreach organised by Ask the Paediatricians Foundation, ATP, and Linking Hand Foundation, for less privileged children in Otodo-Gbame community .

By Juliet Umeh

The Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Akin Abayomi, last week tasked Nigerians on regular dental check up to prevent late complications of oral hygiene.

He said oral health is one of the areas Nigerians neglect because they don’t see mouth as an organ that should be protected.

Abayomi who spoke at the official launching of a third clinic by the Beaconhill group, Exclusive Smile, in Lagos, said Nigerians need to pay attention on their dental care because a lot of them only visit Dentist when their cases are already complicated.

He also said there’s also need for awareness creation especially in schools and primary healthcare centres, PHCs, for people to take their oral health seriously.

He said: “The best way is to create public awareness is in schools and primary healthcare facilities. At least, when patients come in for one thing, they will be asked if they’ve had their dental check up and the last time they did that.”

He also promised that the Lagos State government will create a network between the private and public sector to reach young children.

Commending the proprietor of the newly launched facility, Dr Oluwaseun, Akinbobola, he said he is really setting a very high standard that even the public sector has to emulate.

Also, the wife of the Lagos State Governor, Dr. Ibijoke Sanwo-Olu, while commending the entire staff of Exclusive Smile clinic, called on the general public to jettison lifestyle that negatively affects their health.

She said: “We can prevent most of the problems with tooth and gums by brushing our teeth twice daily, flossing the teeth and visiting dentist regularly, as well as reducing intakes of our alcohol, sugary drinks among others,” she advised

Corroborating the speakers, the founder and Group CEO, Beaconhill Smile Group, Dr Oluwaseun, Akinbobola, said most Nigerians come to the clinic when the cavity has gotten to a point where they cannot sleep.

He said: “We need to create awareness by talking about it. We need to look for ways government can have dentals in PHCs so that people can go there and do normal clinics and checkups.”

Speaking on the ‘One for 10’ initiatives of Beaconhill Foundation, he said it is an initiative where the foundation is trying to fund the foundation without begging for money in order to improve the quality of life for millions of people in Nigeria.

He said Exclusive centre is a general and aesthetic dentistry with modern treatment methods.

He said: “Its tastefully furnished and equipped with state-of -the -art facilities combines with the philosophy of anxiety-free dental treatment. The centre provides services to High Networth Individuals (HNIS), expatriates, senior executives of public and private establishment and their families,” Akinbobola said.