November 30, 2019

I’m not scared to date or marry an actress — MC Fish

I’m not scared to date or marry an actress — MC Fish


…Says, “Anita Joseph is the special woman in my life”

Hype man and Master of Ceremony, Fisayo Michael better known as MC Fish has only just stepped on the scene but already making waves as one to watch. He is a MC with a difference who has headlined some A-list events, like the Hennessy Artistry but his love affair with popular actress, Anita Joseph is becoming something special which he’s proud to shout about.

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MC Fish is a curious name, how did you get it?

My name is MC Fish, the real one, the chosen one. I’m a hype man, an actor, a host, the name Fish came from my troublesome friend while I was in school. My real name is Fisayo Micheal. The friend who mischievously gave me the name was a bit innocent about because  he just wanted to call my name and he mispronounced as ‘Fishayo’. From that day on, others just turned it to ‘Fish’ and it caught on. When I started I felt it wasn’t a name so bad, so I took it on

Can you share your first experience as a hype man and MC?

What made me go into hyping was really funny. I was just in a party and the MC did not show up then I collected the microphone and did what I could, from then it has been from one party to another and before you know it, it became a profession.

What does it take to be a good MC?

To be a good MC takes a lot; it is easy and I would also say   it’s not easy. To be a good MC it takes being outspoken, being confident, being bold and focus, it takes knowing the right things to say and how to say it. You have to say things that people will be pleased with, that is why it’s called public speaking, that’s why people go for training to learn how to speak publicly.

What are you doing differently to be outstanding among other MCs?

I dress differently, better than the others. It’s all about the total package; looking good, speaking good and   smelling good. Most times, appearance matters a lot, people   have to see you and appreciate you. Also, to be different, you have to create  news for yourself, be unique. Some people are the high tempo kind of MC while some are the low tempo, as for me, I’m both. I can be the hype man, the OAP, it’s a total package in all.

Which show was your biggest and how lucrative is the business?

For me my biggest show was the Hennessy Artistry in 2018. I have done a lot of big shows after that but this very show was my biggest because I gave my everything and I’m looking out for the show I’m having this year. The business is very   lucrative, if you are hardworking and you are focused. You will definitely make your money especially during this festive period, but during non festive period, you will have to be calculative and try to be in the right place at the right time. The business is a very good one and it’s been great in the last 5 to 6 years that I’ve been there.

How do you manage seduction from women?

Well, it’s all about being focused and  knowing what you are doing. In this kind of business, a lot of people get carried away because coming from a quiet life into a fun-filled one can be too much to handle, I mean the glamour and glitz. At a point I looked at myself and said I have enjoyed myself enough, it’s time to work. So, I don’t get carried away at all.

Presently, is there a special woman in your life?

Yes. Her name is Anita Joseph, she is a Nollywood actress.

Aren’t you scared to be dating a Nollywood actress?

No, I’m not scared at all. I believe it’s not about what the person does, it’s who the person is. My woman fit all criteria. I understand it’s her job, so whenever she is acting, even a sexual scene, I would just sit back and watch my baby girl do her thing because I know she is acting, it’s not the real thing. It’s her job, we are both entertainers and we have understanding.

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Anytime I watch her movies and she does the sexy things, I will say ‘babe you need to do that for me too,   we should try it tonight,” So, it’s usually like that, that is how I’ve been able to cope, and we are both happy.