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November 18, 2019

Aiyesan explores diverse realms of creativity in ‘Dymensiona’

Aiyesan explores diverse realms of creativity in ‘Dymensiona’

By Osa Amadi, Arts Editor

From what artist, Segun Aiyesan described as the foundation of basic creative process, to where visions are given birth for greatness to endure, comes his thoughts on different realms.

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The Port Harcourt, Rivers State-based artist, is returning to the art  exhibition circuit of Lagos four years after his last solo in the city. In his current exhibition titled ‘Dymensiona’, which shows from Saturday, November 23-Sunday December 8, 2019, at Thought Pyramid Art Centre, Ikoyi, Lagos, Aiyesan creates his own art coinage from the common dimensional usage.

“Perceivable reality is only a scaled fractal of the enormity of the incalculable stretch of dymensiona,” Aiyesan stated during a preview of the exhibition. “For the unversed, it is just a dormant pool of uncharted territory careening in different directions into inscrutable darkness, while for a self-indulged mind surfer, this terrain is just awash with serendipitous events and findings, bringing forth unrivalled manifestations of the power of the creative mind.”

About 35 works, including painting, sculpture and hybrid will be on display. Among works for the exhibition is ‘Scarface’, (acrylic on cretextured canvas, 3×3 ft, 2019), which throws up many rhetorical questions such as: ‘when you look into my eyes, what do you see? Do you see a truth or do you see an orchestrated drama? Do you see a window into the wrangling of my soul? Can you feel empathy for my plight or do you feel estrangement from the tales of my travail? Do you see a scar? An insignia of survival from a raging war of attrition by primordial forces. Do you see life in transition through the vicious loop of existence?’ The portrait speaks about eyes being a carrier of messages, a reflection of the embattlement of maleficent and beneficent deities. More imbeded in the face is a statement that inspires beyond what the artist described as “the veil of egoistic separation.”

Another piece, a non-figurative titled ‘Life is a Wave’ (4×5 ft, acrylic on cretextured canvas, 2019), likens everything on earth to the intrinsic characteristics of a sea wave, the crest, the trough and all the nuances in-between. It argues that man’s life is made up of incidental units that are either moving up or going down. “We are caught in a concentric motion that defines existence and our lives mimic the rhythm of music as it gyrates to the beats of time,” the artist said. “We are part of a cosmic dance and every definable aspects of our existence is a description of this bounce. How then do we extricate ourselves and take a pause from this endless drama? we cannot, because the act of life itself is the crest to the trough of quietus. We are therefore members of an infinitely persistent wave subjected to an eternal dance.”

In another portrait titled  Submergence (3×3 ft, acrylic on cretextured canvas 2019 the future is broadly defined as that created yesterday and sealed today.”

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An inscription attached to it says: ‘Tomorrow is as far away as the next moment and moments lost never returns. The deluge is coming… no it is here, albeit an iota .We can see it, we can feel it, we can perceive it. We invited it. The crescendo does not appear in of itself, it seeps in like an innocuous mist and gradually permeate the full extent of our sensibilities. We are drowning, we are being scorched by the excesses of our cravings and the wilful ignorance of the dangers of shifting the balance of nature, bears upon us like an ominous cloud. We only have, but a moment.’

Among the non-portrait works is a piece titled Sanctum (4×4 ft, acrylic on cretextured canvas, 2019), which explains man’s plains of the mind as the last non-spacial uncharted frontier in the quest to understand and conquer every territory he can reach.