October 17, 2019

I’m bringing a little Fela into Felabration in some style – Rex Suru

I’m bringing a little Fela into Felabration in some style – Rex Suru


As the stage is set for another Felabration, a week-long music festival, initiated by the children of the late Afrobeat creator, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, to immortalized the legendary, iconic musician, many artistes of different genres are bracing up to strut their stuff to be part of the annual event. One of such artistes is San-Francisco, US-based, Nigerian artiste, known as Rex Suru.

Rex Suru, who was born Rex Olisuru Ogunniyi, arrived the country days ago, to be part of the iconic event. He said though he has other events lined up for him but the Felabration is the major reason he’s back in the country to honour one of his musical mentors. And he explains what the people should expect from his brand of music.

“We have a lot to give to the Nigerian audience musically, like you know, my music conveys a lot of positive messages. All I have to give to the people is positive messages and you know the state of the country right now.

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I’m not here to condemn any establishment or entity but I still think the people need a lot of enlightenment, especially spiritual and economical. All kinds of enlightenment is what you can give to the people, so through music I intend to deliver that on Thursday and Saturday at the Felabration at Freedom Park and The New Afrikan Shrine respectively. Also, people will get to experience a beautiful stage presence.

You know who Fela was, he was a very dynamic artiste and most artistes admire his style including myself, so, I intend to bring a little Fela into Felabration in some style which I admire about him, outlook wise, stage dynamics and presence. Although the music will be a little different because it is Afro roots reggae but the it will be full of Afrobeat elements.

Rex Suru, who has been doing music close to 30 years prides himself on being the creator of his genre of music known as ‘Afro-roots reggae’ and has over four studio albums to his name.