October 17, 2019

Focusing on your strength by Wale Olasoji

In the course of coaching and mentoring people, I have discovered that a lot of people struggle in life because they devote a lot of their efforts on improving their weaknesses with little or no time left to unlock their full potentials by getting better in their areas of strength.

What defines successful people is not the absence of weaknesses. Rather, it is the elevation of their strength – they develop and project their strength. Everyone has their abilities and disabilities.The more you focus on your abilities, the moreyou live a productive life.

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Finding your strength can unlock the hidden treasures of success and victory for you. Strengths can be honed like a skill and harnessed like a potential. Your strength is your gift. A clue to your strength is your natural ability. Have you been told that you are talented at something?Then it might be your strength.

Strengths and weaknesses are like the muscles in your body – the more you hit the gym or any body-toning exercise, the better your shape looks. This is precisely what happens when you focus your energies on your strengths and not your weaknesses. Constant and habitual focus on your strength increases your chances of success in life.

Studies and reports have proved the benefits of focusing on your strength.

Increased Productivity

An immediate result you will notice is that your level of productivity will increase as you begin to focus on your strength. You will be able to produce more results in the areas of your life for which you are known.


Subject-matter experts are people that have distinguished themselves in a narrow field. They have been recognized in the area of their strength. Focusing on your strength makes recognition possible.

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Usain Bolt is a world-acclaimed athlete. He has developed techniques that have helped him to be the fastest man on earth. He ventured into playing soccer, but he didn’t succeed. Not succeeding in football does not make him a failure. It just means that it might not be his area of strength. His wisdom is to concentrate on athletics and be comfortable not being celebrated on the soccer field.


With focus comes result, and with result comes a sense of fulfillment. When you feel fulfilled, you are naturally happy. You can be a better person, a better spouse, and a better parent when you are happy.

Rapid Development

One benefit of focusing on what you do best is that it is easy to scale. It is easy to pick up complimentary skills along the way. Within a short time, you will notice that you have unconsciously built up a fantastic skillset.

Improved health

Since you are focusing on areas where you don’t struggle to produce results, your stress level will naturally drop. This will drastically improve your health. You will be relaxed even if you are working for long hours because you enjoy what you are doing, and you are not struggling to understand the subject. You have more energy in the tank when you are always on the positive side and not the negative side.

Your question might be what to do with your weaknesses? My answer is simple – know your weaknesses, then manage them. Your weaknesses are not your disabilities. It is just that you are not likely to be a star with a focus on them. At best, you will be an average person. The input into getting better at them does not yield a proportionate result. Your weaknesses do not make you a weak person.

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You have no idea how focusing on your strength can lead you to the path of triumph. Instead of getting worried about your weaknesses, concentrate deliberately on your forte.

Focusing on too many things is no focus. Have you ever tried playing the dart game? If you ever want to hit your target, you will have to fix your gaze on the exact point you are aiming at.Without concentrating on the small spot on the dartboard, you are likely to miss your target. Such is the incredible power of focus. It has been suggested that when you look at something long enough, you will begin to notice details that hitherto were not glaring. Suddenly, a new discovery is birthed.

Focusing on your strength may be the next step to your desired success.