October 4, 2019

APC threatens decisive actions against Edo Peoples Movement

Edo, APC, Ojezua

Edo APC chairman, Anslem Ojezua

Insists group remains unconstitutional

The Edo State Chapter of the All Progressive Congress (APC) has threatened to take decisive and concrete actions against the Edo Peoples Movement and its purported members, noting that the existence of the alien group is not supported by the party’s constitution.

Edo, APC

Edo APC chairman, Anslem Ojezua

In a statement by the State Chairman, Anselm Ojezua, the party warned that it will not allow the “reckless antics of shameless and selfish individuals to dictate the fortunes of the Party.”

The party further explained that its decision is aimed at preserving and protecting its integrity since the group has refused to desist from associating their nefarious activities with the State APC.

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The statement reads: “On the 28th May, 2019, pursuant to a meeting of the State Working Committee of the All Progressive Congress, Edo State Chapter, we caused a disclaimer to be published regarding the formation of a group going by the name Edo Peoples Movement being organised by certain individuals, purporting same to be an offshoot of the APC.

“In the publication, we took the pains to clarify that the constitution of our Party, the APC does not have provision for groups such as the one in question and to that extent, such a group or movement was antithetical to the unity and stability our Party. We, therefore, directed that those behind the said movement should desist from associating their nefarious activities with the APC.”

The party added, “Information reaching us indicates that rather than heed the legitimate directives of the Party leadership, these elements have heightened their activities by holding meetings in some Local Government Areas (LGAs) within the State, purporting same to be a meeting of the APC.

“Consequently, we have decided that this is time to take concrete and decisive steps to preserve and protect the integrity of the Party; we cannot allow the reckless antics of shameless and selfish individuals to dictate the fortunes of our Party. We have a duty to instil party discipline within our ranks in Edo State and we shall do that.”