September 20, 2019

The towing solution Lagos needed – GoTug Mobile app

The towing solution Lagos needed – GoTug Mobile app

16th September 2019 is a day that will go down in history as the end of all Towing struggles in Lagos, Nigeria as GoTug took the initiative to launch a Tow-help app for stranded car owners on the streets and highways of Lagos. What an awesome way to start the week!

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The GoTug mobile app connects a wide range of users to the closest available tow-driver who responds immediately to provide the needed towing service accurately and appropriately. With its user-friendly interface and up-to-standard GPS service that helps users track their proximity to a towing help, the GoTug app makes towing a readily available service to any stranded vehicle on the streets and highways of Lagos Metropolis.

The Tow drivers, having been adequately equipped with the professional and technical skills and tools to aid stranded vehicles off the highways are always on the standby for towing requests. In order to make it easier for users of the app, features such as a location sensors and visible cost estimates are embedded on the interface, such that users are just a tap away from the much-needed towing service, all at an affordable rate.

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In collaboration with transportation bodies in Lagos, like NTVOA (National Towing Vehicles Owners Association), FRSC (Federal Road Safety Corps) and LASTMA (Lagos State Traffic Management Authority), the app will help users find Tow drivers at an estimated affordable price, as they make, confirm and complete requests.

Following the goal of FRSC to eradicate road traffic and vehicle crashes that occur rampantly on Lagos roads and to create a safe motoring road for Nigerians, the FRSC communicated that GoTug’s vision of towing faulty and accidental vehicles is largely aligned to their goals.

Furthermore, NTOVA was pleased about its partnership with GoTug as it described the GoTug app as the right tool that will Bridge the gap of accessibility between Tow drivers and Users who desire towing services as well as enhance their visibility as an association. To the NTOVA, this innovation will foster the development of a community within themselves and create a platform where they would be able to render their services appropriately.

Ensuring the growth and stability of the economy, the LASTMA sees the app as an initiative that will result in the reduction of traffic and the preservation of useful man hours which overall advertently increases the profitability and productive capacities of residents within Lagos state, Nigeria.

Kedinuwa Okuedei, Co-founder of the GoTug app stated during the launch on Monday that this stress-free app will help users overcome the pressure associated with vehicle breakdown, especially during emergencies and Peak periods.

Communicating to the Tow drivers present at the event, Mr. Okuedei encouraged Tow drivers to be professional, having at the back of their minds that good customer service would go a long way to aid the continuity of the business.

With the launch of the GoTug app, users are now provided with a fascinating towing service as the app has several features that perform the following superb functions:

Pins Users’ Location: Intelligent GPS location system powered by google that aids the discovery of users’ exact location and describes the fastest route to get to that location.

Picks Vehicle Destination: GoTug app uses a Dual locator system that not only identifies the location of the User but also sets the destination of the vehicle being towed as chosen by the user.

Tracks Towing Driver: The closest Towing driver to the user is notified after the order has been made and the navigation of the driver is displayed on the interface in order to enable the user track distance as well as to be informed of the driver’s estimated arrival time. There is a total of 100 towing-drivers registered on the app across various locations in Lagos.

Estimates Service Charge: The charge is calculated based on the type of car being towed and the towing distance. The charge estimate gives users an idea of the average cost of towing from the pickup location to the vehicle destination. Furthermore, this ensures that users are charged fairly and appropriately.

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Payment Notification at the end of Towing Service: Users can track their expenses and costs of towing after the service has been rendered.

The Launch of the GoTug Mobile app has hit deep to be yet another ground-shaking transformation in the transportation towing industry. In a world where technology is dynamically enhancing and improving the processes of things, the GoTug mobile app is set to address an area of much needed change and bringing on board innovative help with fingertips accessibility.