By Janet Addetu

It is quite easy to feel that after so many years of working in the labour market you can pride yourself of being quite vast in your field. It is also easy to feel that your years of experience makes you a guru in your chosen field, you may just come across as the one who more or less knows it all. Today, that is not necessarily true it is no more about your technical skills even though this has an element of significance. It is now all about how dynamic you are and what unique changes you can bring to the table. This is what the new generation, the Millennials are offering – a complete new transformation.

As a parent of children all over the age of 20, I quickly discovered that this new generation boldly have a mind of their own. They will confidently let you know their stance in any given situation. If I tell my son something pertinent to him that I feel is very logical as a mother, the next thing I hear instead of “yes mum”, is “Ok mum, I’ll think about it”. Gone are the days when you say something and that was the “be all end all”. You either have to come down to their level and go with the flow or slowly drift yourself into a state of being extinct. Just imagine having to work with the same millennials or are so individualized, self-driven, and strongly feel that sense of entitlement.


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Whether you are grooming, teaching or working with millennials, no matter the naturally given generation you fall into we are in the space of the millennials at least that is what we are told every day. So, it goes without saying that we certainly need to keep up with them to be relevant.

How to Keep Up Paperless

Maybe because they moved from the traditional documentation process to becoming almost entirely paperless, this makes our millennials think faster on their toes. I guess it is a time saving methodology of theirs that makes them so fast paced.

Working with millennials means that you must keep them engaged all the time, they are brilliant at keeping information stored in their personal hard drives without reference to documentation. If there is any need for any form of reference to data they have their smart phones to do the job. To keep up with them, be prepared not to expect a large file of reports, they keep it short and simple, most times everything is preferably verbally communicated. This may not necessarily be the best especially to the purpose of paper trail but convenience is the order of the day for them.

Savvy on Technology

We all know that technology was made for the millennials, in fact they just keep breaking their own record. Numerous young CEO’s today are rolling in the billions on account of them being tech savvy millennials. They have no time for too much strategic thinking, they go by the spur of the moment. Being tech savvy comes with their DNA, information is what they thrive on, as they require answers to every question on the go. It is a must that millennials must “stay connected” and be real-time every moment. In keeping up with the millennials, you cannot be too shy; you must be ready to share information spontaneously. Before you finish asking they have connected to find you a readymade answer. Let’s not forget it, it is the new trend for socializing, being in that social media space. Where are you, do you fit in?

Innovative Minds

Millennials think well both as individuals and in a team; given the right direction and the proper tools to work with. They pride themselves in new discoveries, and love to put their minds and ideas to test. They are “dare devils” and “go getters” once given the opportunity. While you are still there wondering what business to go into they have two businesses up the sleeve and are ready to run with it. There is a deep sense of creativity, a desire to fall into that young creative minds category. They are not usually followers instead many exhibit strong leadership potentials by running with their naming with their unique vision. In keeping up with the millennials, you also need to think out of the box; give them the space to strengthen that creative mind and reward them accordingly for all the efforts they have made.

Shopping at the Fingertip

Millennials are always on the go, fast paced in everything as we have continuously established because of the  ”Now” syndrome. ‘Got to have it, buy it, and fix it now’. They will complete their entire grocery shopping in their pyjamas. They will buy clothes they want to wear today with just one click, they are not worried about size because they have that figured out already. Traditionally we like to try things on and be sure it fits every corner; but they are quite happy to take advantage of online sales and numerous bargain discounts just to get a whole lot for their money, even if it means returning the items later.

Shopping made easier though being tech savvy is a plus for all millennials. No need to travel to china, global shopping is just right there, they will even tell you the best place to get best gadgets no matter how far away in the world it is. In keeping up with the millennials, you have to be open to new supplies, new locations, and new online malls, in general the entire concept of E-commerce. The time you spend walking the streets physically your millennial has finished shopping.

Wow! Lots to say about keeping up with our millennials

Wishing all the best!


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