August 12, 2019

Salt and Truth Productions tackle child slavery in ‘House Girls’

Salt and Truth Productions tackle child slavery in ‘House Girls’

By Rotimi Agbana

As part of a conscious effort to inform, educate and orientate the public on the dangers of child slavery all in the name of having a house help, Salt and Truth Productions have filmed a short flick titled ‘House Girls’, off their forthcoming documentary.

Produced by creative movie producers, John Adewusi and Jola Ayeye, the short but deeply rooted clip highlights the experiences of house girls in Nigerian homes; showing the life of two young girls of the same age, one a house girl and the other a child in the house where the house girl was employed.

The clip x-rays the life of both kids as they wake up every morning, start their day and how it eventually gets routined. However, the big question that arises from the clip bothers on who house girls really are. Are they slaves or helps, as is commonly said. The unthinkable ways their services are been deployed in some houses has so far raised concerns and this clip is produced to tell this story.

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According to John Adewusi; “In millions of homes across Nigeria, the exploitation of children as providers of arduous, menial labour is quietly, socially accepted. This documentary delves into the social and economic elements that make this gross abuse thrive.

“This is a fixture that has become very common in the average Nigerian home. Recently, social media users were touched by the message the video had to share. It has since gotten over 1m views in total and over 35,000 comments across all social media platforms and has pushed the conversation to a wider audience”, he said.