August 26, 2019

Rita Daniels: The unsung hero

Rita Daniels

Rita and her daughter, Regina Daniel

Rita Daniels, Regina’s mother is the real unsung hero behind her daughter’s rise to prominence.

Sitting down to watch the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Network news at 9.00pm is a ritual I keep every night. Then by 9.50pm I will switch to Channels Television in order not to miss their 10.00pm flagship news.

Rita Daniels

Rita and her daughter, Regina Daniel

While watching the NTA news, I saw the special documentary on rising Nollywood star, Regina Daniels. All I remember or could recall about her was the many talks, gossips and media hype about her marriage to a man some say is a billionaire in dollars. Then the controversy surrounding both her and her husband’s real age.

I have never read a mention of her mother or her role in Regina’s life. This short documentary, however, changed all that. I saw that her mother is in fact the unsung hero, the architect of her daughter’s success as an actress. Because she, herself, is an actress and a serious-minded woman as the story in the documentary shows, she was able to put her daughter on the right path.

Rita Daniels also initiated and truly set up a Charity Foundation for her daughter. The documentary rightly described her as a woman who knew what she wanted for her daughter.

I made three phones calls to find out more about her before writing this article. A pioneer actor who is a member of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, (AGN) described her as a disciplined woman. Hear him, “Although she is a single mother, you know in these environments, people squint when you say a woman is a single mother, but Rita is a tough woman. She is disciplined and that’s why she acts, runs her food business and even participates in the industry politics. She made her daughter who she is”, he concluded.

Another actor/Producer, Fidelis, who does not want his full name mentioned described Rita Daniels as a woman who simply knows what she wants and makes no pretenses about it. And that’s why she was able to bring up Regina the way she did once she saw her talent. The same reason made her endorse Regina’s marriage to a man well older than her. She knew that it was good for her daughter, she knew too well that all the people making noise will grab with both hands the opportunity to marry a billionaire like her daughter’s husband”.

He continues: “Even her lifestyle is a good example. That she has a billionaire son-in-law who is spoiling her family with dollars hasn’t changed her. You can’t see her with loud dresses or heavy jewelry. She is still her simple, normal and lively self.

I think that advert did some good to her, to give her a deserved credit for who her daughter has turned out to be”, he stated.

We can only hope that she will continue to lead her normal life and not change tomorrow like some old folks that suddenly ran into a few million. I think in every way, she is an example of a Nollywood actor that had a vision and set out to achieve it. Yes, because her daughter had become a rising star long before the billions began to roll in. it is not the money that made her daughter. Her well brought up and talented daughter made the big money man come to her. Rita Daniels is like a delectable orange at sight- irresistible!