August 1, 2019

Ranching: Akwa Ibom imports 2,000 cattle from Brazil

Geazing routes, grazing reserves

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By Harris Emmanuel

The Akwa Ibom State Government  has said that it had imported 2,000 cattle from  Brazil as part of efforts to produce sufficient meats  with a view to increasing protein intake for people of the state.  It added that the development is also aimed at ensuring food sustainability in the oil rich state.


State Commissioner for Information, Charles Udoh stated this while interacting with newsmen in Uyo. He added that the state government had adopted a holistic agriculture plans on food security.

He said:  “The ranch was established in conjunction with foreign investors. The cattle have been quarantined. You know in the heat of the election, nobody wanted to venture into that ranch.  And in the heat of that too, the Commissioner for Agriculture lost his seat.

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“The reason we quarantined the cattle was that, first we needed to inoculate them. What I mean by quarantined is that we needed to get them acclimatized to the weather and prepare them for the long trip across the Atlantic Ocean.

“While we quarantined and inoculated them, we tried to get some pregnant because it is a long journey and some could die on the way. These are rare breed of cattle that can produce milk and meat at the same time. We are expecting 2,000.”