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‘Nigeria’s past leaders need to sober, reflect on their actions, inactions’

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As interfaith groups, 100 clerics organise 40-day deliverance prayers for Nigeria

Nigerian cleric, Sheik Ahmad Jibrin, has called on Nigeria’s past leaders to reflect and sober on their past actions and inactions.

This is just as the National Interfaith and Religious Organisations for Peace (NIFROP) has commenced a 40-day programme of fasting and prayers for the unity of Nigeria. Sheik Ahmad Jibrin, a Co-Convener at the Unity Fountain in Abuja has revealed.

Nigeria, clerics
Interfaith groups, clerics ready for intercession on spiritual unity

He stated that the programme is at the prompting of the spirit to pray for the victory of President Muhammadu Buhari at the general election, having seen the revelation that he is “God’s choice for ushering Nigeria into greatness.

The cleric further added that the former leaders in Nigeria need to sober reflect in their actions and inactions in the attempt to make Nigeria great again. “Our former leaders need deliverance. They have become as wise ones who do not know the way to the gate of the city. They seek to undo the damage of their reigns by glossing over the crimes they committed against the country without genuine contrition of heart but rather plying our dear nation with empty words and treatises that testify to their desire to have the present system fail.

“Some past leaders have a hand in the killings across the country, and we must, as God’s elects, relay the message to them that they are being called to repent. They should release Nigeria from all the covens where they have taken the destiny of the country to so that things can again be well with them while the final palls of darkness over Nigeria can lift so that God’s glory can manifest and liberate the citizens whose quality of life they are holding hostage with their grip on stolen national resources and the lies they are telling to hold onto their spoils.”

Sheik Ahmad Jibrin also debunked the Islamisation rumour making the rounds in the country, describing it as. the handiwork of distractors and those with skeletons in their cupboards.

“The fallacy of Islamisation agenda that they have launched to pitch Christians against Muslims when, in reality, there is no Islamization agenda anywhere. What we have is the agenda by looters of Nigeria to escape the claws of the law that are closing upon them. What we have is the agenda by looters of Nigeria to escape the claws of the law that are closing upon them. They forget that they may pervert the human justice system, but they can never escape the justice of God. Their lie about Islamization is from the pit of hell and shall haunt them even in their hereafter.”

In a similar vein, the National Coordinator of NIFROP, Bishop Sunday Garuba in his remark stated that some former leaders in Nigeria need deliverance from their evil ways as manifest in the battles they have waged against the soul of Nigeria.

“Not to be forgotten in our prayers are our former leaders, who need deliverance, on account of those among them that are leading other agents of the devil to trouble the land. They have not only set loose demonic influences like the blood-sucking Boko Haram and IMN terrorists to kill Nigerians daily, but they have also covenanted with the devil to set Nigerians against each other with lies like their claim that there is an agenda by one religion or ethnic group to dominate others. This is the sheer manifestation of the devil.” He stated.

“It is these lies that they have crowned with the bigger lie called Islamization agenda, which has now been discovered to be aimed at inciting Nigerians to kill each other thinking that they are fighting for God’s name. They expected that Nigerians would cut each other’s throats as part of sectarian strife that would be triggered by the lie. However, we thank our God Almighty for sending the spirit of maturity into the hearts of Nigerians so that the expected damage did not occur,” he further stated.


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