August 14, 2019

New Samsung Galaxy Note10 comes with enhanced capabilities

New Samsung Galaxy Note10 comes with enhanced capabilities

By Prince Osuagwu

Smartphone manufacturer, Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Note10, a new line of premium smartphones that combines elegant design with powerful performance and productivity tools to help users do more of what they love.

According to Samsung, the Galaxy Note10 was inspired by a generation that flows seamlessly between work and life. Also, it gives users the freedom to work the way they want and showcase their creative spirit, all on-the-go.

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Managing Director, Samsung Electronics West Africa, Mr. David Suh said: “From the very beginning, the Galaxy Note has stood for the best-of-the-best technologies and features. The Galaxy Note10 re-imagines this promise for the modern Note fan who uses their smartphone to take their productivity and creativity to the next-level, and who effortlessly flows between ideas and endeavours at a moment’s notice.

“Every element of Galaxy Note10 was designed to help users achieve more. Whether they’re finishing a big project for work, capturing and editing a video, or playing their favourite mobile game, the Galaxy Note10 will help them do it faster and better.”

According to Suh “Galaxy Note users appreciate the power of sophisticated design, not just the look and feel of their device, but for the experience it offers. Every element of the Galaxy Note10 is crafted to be sleek, slim and distraction-free, so users can devote their full attention to the ideas, projects, and content that matters most”.

The device also spots new features, which Samsung says make it unique.  Part of the features includes:

Two Sizes: For the first time, the Galaxy Note comes in two sizes, so consumers can find the Note that’s best for them. The Galaxy Note10 opens up the Note to users who want the power of the S Pen and ultimate productivity in a compact form factor, packing a 6.3-inch Cinematic Infinity Display into the most compact Note yet. The Galaxy Note10+ features the biggest Note display ever with a 6.8-inch Cinematic Infinity Display on a device that’s still easy to hold and easy to use.

Samsung said Note10’s display is its best yet. From its physical construction to its underlying technology, the display is designed to immerse users in their favourite TV, movies and games.

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Edge-to-edge Design: The Galaxy Note10’s edge-to-edge Cinematic Infinity Display is nearly bezel-less, while the in-display cut out for the front camera is small and centred for a balanced design. Samsung’s most immersive display creates a seamless experience between thought and action, viewing and creating.

Display: The Galaxy Note10 features the dynamic AMOLED display. With HDR10+certification and dynamic tone mapping, photos and videos are brighter than previous Note devices, and feature a stunning, wide colour range.

According to Samsung, the Galaxy Note10 features new technologies, enhanced capabilities and powerful integrations all in service of giving users the freedom to work in the way that makes them the most productive.

Also, with the Galaxy Note10, content creators and everyday users alike can use state-of-the-art tools to capture stunning video and photos, allowing their channels, stories and posts to stand out and make an impact.