…Say former Exco imposed on them

By Chris Ochayi

ABUJA: Some youths under the aegis of Association of Third Phase Ex-Agitators of Thought, ATPET, from the Niger Delta region, has passed a vote of no confidence in the leadership of the group, saying the current leadership as constituted could not address their aspiration because they were imposed on them.

They have, therefore, appointed an interim headship under Mr. Lawrence Solomon and Court James Doundigha as chairman and secretary, respectively to oversee  the affairs of the association.

According to the communiqué issued at the end of the emergency meeting attended by over 100 members, the ATPET has announced the sacking of the Executive under Julius Joseph and Tam Odogu.

The association which has communicated the copies of the communique to the relevant authorities, warned that any person or organisation or group of persons who transacts any business in name of Third Phase Ex-agitators does so at his or her peril.

The association warned in the communique copied relevant government institutions including the National Security Adviser,  NSA, DSS, IGP,  the office of the Vice President and office of the Coordinator, Presidential Amnesty programme among others, that any person or organisation or group of persons who transacts any business in name of Third Phase Ex-agitators does so at his or her peril.

Incubation centres’ll benefit amnesty programme beneficiaries — dokubo(Opens in a new browser tab)

“We wish to state unequivocally that Julius Joseph and Tam Odogu are not elected to represent the third phase Ex-agitators. As from today, henceforth, nobody should deal with them on matter concerning Third Phase Ex-agitators as they were at no time elected or appointed by the Ex-agitators of Third Phase.

“However, these men were imposed on us and this has led to massive looting of training/job openings and the recent fund amounting to N30 million that was to be disburse to Third Phase Ex-agitators but was wrongly paid to Ex-Generals Julius Joseph and Tam Odogu by the Amnesty office.

“It was agreed and resolved at meeting of ATPET that Julius Joseph and Tam Odogu should cease to represent the Association of Third Phase Ex-agitators of Thought in all manners and dealing with Amnesty office on our behalf.

“That, the self styled leadership of Julius Joseph and Tam Odogu are directed to stay clear of the newly appointed Excos led by Comr. Lawrence Solomon, James Court Doundigha, Emmanuel Okpotu and Popor Ojuku, untill all issues involving them such as fraud and conspiracy are thoroughly investigated,

“Therefore appeal to all concern authorities and the general public especially; Nigerian Police Force, Department of State Services, National Security Adivser to the President, Office of the Executive Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Chairmen Senate/House of Representative Committee on Amnesty, Ministry of Niger Delta and Niger Delta Development Commission. The Committees and all stake holders to be aware of this change to the next level

“In the future, we the members and leadership of ATPET will not have any business or dealings with the above named persons as they have conspired with the security men attached to the office of the Special Adviser to anack us in different times. This has shown that, they are against our peaceful demand of settlement in the spirit and letter.

“In a bid to further the criminal conspiracy of these persons with the office, on the Z6th July 2019, they have claimed first part payment of N3Q,OO,QOO.OO naira for contracts meant for the third phase. For transparency and equity, these monies ought to pass through a bank account and this never happened.

“This communique has. become imperative to streamline the excesses and negative approach of these men to issues regarding the development of A TPET and members welfares.

“Some members loyal to these Ex-Generals have attacked ATPET members severally both at the Amnesty Office and at our hotel. We hereby call on the Amnesty office and the S.A to advise these Ex-Generals to stop this act as it’is painting the image ofNige Delta region in a bad light here in Abuja as trouble shooters.

“By this communique, we are calling on the office of the Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta/Coordinator presidential Amnesty Programme to book a meeting with the Lawrence Solomon led A TPET Exco on the way to resolve this looming crisis to end the none documentation of Third Bhase Ex-Agitators foot soldiers.

“Finally, any further dealings regarding the third phase ex-agitators should be directed to Lawrence Solomon, led Executive thereby ending the ,r~i~n and times of Julius Joseph and Tam Odogu.

“That, the above resolutions were all passed by a voice vote and the leadership election was confirmed by the same voice vote.”



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