August 5, 2019

How to break Awolowo’s curse on Nigeria, Don proffers solution

Awolowo, Awoism, coup

Obafemi Awolowo

…says Northerners responsible for country’s major problems

By Adeola Badru

A renowned Professor of Engineering and Islamic scholar, Professor Sabit Olagoke has disclosed that myriads of problems confronting Nigeria, were as a result of a curse laid on the country by the late Premier of Western Region, Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

Awolowo ,Awoism

Obafemi Awolowo

He said the only remedy to break the curse was for leaders in the country to do things accordingly by allowing transparency and accountability to thrive.

Olagoke, during an interview with Vanguard in Ibadan, observed that it was shocking when people kept lamenting over lack of money in the country when the leakages where the money is being syphoned are not blocked due to corruption.

The don who is also the founder and spiritual head of Shafaudeen-in-Islam worldwide opined that lots of wastages could be found in various ways Nigerian leaders are administering the country.

In his words: “When Awolowo was alive during his campaign days, people were saying all this education must be free you are saying is no possible now. But Awolowo said it is possible. He said they have made researches and the research shows that those people working in the federal parastatals, they drink tea, they tree are coffee, that when we calculate the amount being used per month, it is in millions. If they don’t drink tea or take coffee, will they die? Then Awolowo said this is the area we are going to source our fund.”

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“It is always embarrassing when we say there is no money in the country and we could a lot of wastages in the number of the crew following the president or the governor and the way you go about awarding contracts; fraud everywhere.”

“And Awolowo said, you have denied me to the opportunity to put things aright. What remains for you is that you will take your destiny in your hands. You may no more see or know anything call democracy.”

Prof. Olagoke then inquired how do Nigerians break the jinx. “The only way to remove the jinx is by daring the devil. You dare the devil by doing things accordingly.”

“Transparency and accountability are the watchwords of democracy. But the problem is how do we find transparency again. How do we find accountability again?”

“We are just continuing to cry things are not okay and we know how and why things are not okay.”

“Why are we not addressing the root causes? These are the areas where a lot of us need to shine our eyes now and focus our thoughts so that things are done accordingly,” Prof. Olagoke posited.

While expressing his view on the continued insurgency in the country, the don pointed out: “When you look at the history of insurgency, the north happens to be the greatest problem we have since the days of Awolowo.”

“These were the people that have toyed with education. Education is supposed to liberate everybody to know your rights, to know what you are supposed to do, to know what you are supposed to preserve.”

“Unfortunately, only the royal houses there, allowed their children to go to school. I was surprised when the president was saying they were going to face-out Almajiri system of education. Why are they just realising it’s outdated? Why do you need to keep children growing under poverty?”

“These people are now adults. That is why they are ready-made fuel for anybody that wants to perpetrate any evil or cause violence. And that is why Boko Haram snowballed into an international dimension,” he observed.

While proffering solution to the insurgency problem, Prof. Olagoke posited that experts in conflicts resolution are needed, noting that politicians are empty-headed when it comes to resolving problems.\

“How can you say because I am the president or governor, I have all the knowledge. You need all these people to tell you what to do. That is how to go about good governance.”

“And when you look at the kind of party politics we are playing in Nigeria, it can never bring any development, because the opposition will continue to say I want the environment to be ungovernable for you.”

“So how do you want me to perform when the environment is hostile? That is why we are talking about promoting inclusive government whereby you will be looking for merit,” he concluded.