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Coping with earaches

An earache is a temporary or constant sharp, dull or burning pain in one or both ears. In children, ear pain is usually caused by the buildup of fluid and pressure behind the eardrum (middle ear). In adults ear pain is largely due to an ear infection.

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There can be blockage of the ear tubes because of allergies, a cold or other infection due to inflammation and the buildup of secretions.

Sooth the ear with the warm setting of a hairdryer or use warm damp compresses. Adversely a cold pack or cold wet washcloth applied to the outer ear for 20 minutes may reduce pain.

If the ache is from altitude change or built-up pressure, chew gum or yawn to contract the muscles and open the inner tubes of the ear, relieving the pain.

If you suffer from “swimmer’s ear,”  place mineral oil in the ear before going in the water.

An ear infection can be relieved with the intake of large doses of vitamin C. At high levels, this vitamin is a natural antibiotic and antihistamine and will help to reduce any inflammation and fever.

Natural healing advocates say that earaches and infections are caused fundamentally by improper diet and so foods such as meat, white bread, sugar,  and chemically-doctored foods should be avoided.

A proper diet must include more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and protein sources other than meat. Certain foods, more commonly dairy products like milk, butter, cheese, etc, tend to aggravate ear infections, so it is better to avoid them during an ear infection.

Resting in an upright position can help reduce pressure in the middle ear. Consult a physician if the headache persists.



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