August 26, 2019

Angela Okorie and her world of fantasies

Angela Okorie

Angela Okorie


When it comes to glamorous divas in Nollywood, one of the names that tops the list is Angela Okorie. Since delving into the movie industry in 2009, after a decade in modelling business, Angela has established herself as an A-list star. Aside her sterling interpretations of movie roles, Angela has also cut a niche for herself as a social media sensation.

Angela Okorie

Angela Okorie

In the world of celebrities, where the biggest anxiety is that of failure and desertion by fans, stars are stopping at nothing to stay in the spotlight. Angela is mindful of this and is not taking chances either. The mother of one is said to be practically living the greater part of her life on social media.

From the time she hit the limelight after starring in the movie, ‘Holy Serpent’, the screen diva has exhibited a crazy desire to rule the big screen, while also becoming one of the celebrities with most social media followers in Nigeria.

But far from realizing that dream, Angela has received more knocks than praises on social media. Like many celebrities that manipulate things and create controversies to set social media agog, she never stopped seeking relevance on social media space. However, each time, she tries to have her way, she incurs the wrath of her followers.

At one point, the actress irked her followers on Instagram when she shared a sultry video of herself hopping around a swimming pool.

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Wearing a black bikini, the actress exposed her boobs and back side. The caption attached to the video showed she was ready for the trolls on her page. It read: “Today’s pool is interesting. Shameless!.” As expected, she got more than she bargained, as her fans did not hesitate to take her to the cleaners.

Despite the harsh insults she got, the Ebony State-born actress is still doing more weird things on social media than ever.

In another of her Instagram posts, the actress shared a luscious picture of herself on a bed, ranting about being bored. The post again set her against her fans. Apart from her social media addiction, Angela has also done some weird stuffs in the past that shocked many.

The worst of her controversies, however, was when she was accused of sleeping around with actors while on movie sets and drinking excessive alcohol. It was rumoured then that her marriage had crashed due to the controversy. But Angela, while debunking the rumour, explained why she tries to separate her family from the career. “I don’t want people to know about my family. That is why I don’t post pictures of my husband. At the end of the day, social media is going to help you destroy your home. When you bring your family business on social media all the time, it would cause you pain because people would intrude into your marriage. Once there is a third party in your home, trouble begins,” she was quoted as saying.

In yet another controversy, the actress once went out of her way on social media to slam her fake friends who she claimed were sleeping with her man. Although she didn’t mention names, she rained curses on them for being fake. For Angela, it was the ideal way of getting back at her fake friends. Some critics described her action as bizarre and unnecessary.

In one of her crazy moments, the actress once went bald, not for a movie shoot but just a way of trying something new with herself and it created a buzz on social media. Perhaps one of the most troubling moments for the kinky actress was when she was alleged to have been arrested for stealing in South Africa. That episode took a serious toll on the actress as she did everything to save her image. In an interview then, the damsel debunked the theft case and described it as a blackmail prompted by her refusal to yield to someone’s sexual advances. It took years for the actress to overcome the trauma associated with the allegation.

Aside her crazy sides, Angela has no doubt enjoyed a lot of attention as a thorough role interpreter. Those who have watched her films would agree that the actress is versatile and talented. Not only has she become a household name in Africa and beyond, but she has also earned the respect of many in the industry. In 2015, she won the City People Entertainment Awards for Best Supporting Actress in an English film. She has appeared in over 200 movies.

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Angela once expressed her desire to become a gospel singer. Speaking on her musical aspirations, the actress explained that she has written numerous songs and would release her album soon, describing music as something that has always been a part of her. But that dream appears to still be brewing as she is yet to release any music.

One thing that cannot be taken away from Angela is her good eye for designs. This much played out few days back when she celebrated her birthday. The film star shared gorgeous photos of herself to the joy of fans. In some of the photos, she infused Egyptian royalty design to her apparels. The photos were a mixture of sensuality and Egyptian royalty.