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You can turn your night to day

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By Pastor Oloruntimilehin Joshua Daramola

THERE is need for people to move forward in their deeds and examine how big or great they are. In view of the above, let us examine two statements or expressions made in the scripture by Pontius Pilate and Jesus Christ.

The former had the power to free the latter from the hands of the Jewish people that wanted Jesus crucified when he said in the book of John 19:10 “…Don’t you realize I have power either to free you or to crucify you”. Imagine the extent of power Pilate had to do whatever he wanted to do without any challenge from anybody. Similarly Jesus Christ expressed the extent of power He had when He told the Samaritan woman that refused to give Him water to drink.

The book of John 4:9-14 “…Jesus answered her if you know the gift of God and who it is that ask you for a drink, you would have asked him and He would have given you living water…” Jesus exercised the power in Him.

Therefore, it is necessary for a person exercise occasionally the power he or she has. Brethren when you are experiencing poverty use the power in you to cast away by pronouncing its rejection and God would put His authority on the pronouncement. You must check and try yourself to enable you know who you are. You must stand by your authority. Imagine a person was given a spiritual message that he or she would be rich and wealthy.

We talk about herders; who owns the cows? — Prof Adamolekun(Opens in a new browser tab)

If the person fails to work and move to actualize the message, it won’t come to reality. So whatever a person wants to become in life is in the person’s hand to actualize all the positive messages that come your way. If you want to be great, sitting down at home will not bring fortune or solve the problem. Imagine a widow who had five children. . Initially she could not survive with the gratuity of her husband.

She became a person that depends on family to live. In fact she lost one of her children in the course of her poverty. On a particular day she decided to take the bull by the horn when she decided start a load carrier job in one of the markets in Lagos. She started carrying loads for people who came to buy goods into their vehicles.

One of her customers’ vehicle developed problem that required the attention of a motor vehicle repairer. Her female customer begged her to stay till the vehicle was fixed and even requested her to follow her home in case the vehicle develop problem on the way. She obliged her customer and the woman compensated her with cash and material gifts. On getting home in the night, she and the children had a delicious meal.

The children had stopped going to school due to lack of money. One fateful day her wealthy female customer came searching for her in the market. When she saw the customer she thanked her and said her children requested her to thank the woman. In the course of their discussion, she knew she was a widow.

The woman changed her life, stopped her doing load carrying job and hired a shop for her, bought goods in the shop and make the children to resume their school. In fact her life changed and that of her children. The customer started taking care of the woman and the children until she died of cancer a year later.

But she is rich and wealthy with interest in many business ventures. She made the move to actualize her decision to overcome poverty and God granted her. If she had accepted the situation she was after her husband demise, and failed to move forward. She would never get out of poverty. She told me heard it when growing up that she would become a rich and a great woman. Therefore she decided to work for the actualization of the message, use her authority and hard work to effect positive change in her life.. People can change their problematic situation to problem – free and joyful situation.

Imagine King Hezekiah did not accept God’s message he cried unto God and reminded Him about his faithfulness and uprightness before God. His misfortune was changed (Isaiah 38:1–9). Brethren, know yourself and know who you are.


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