July 18, 2019

US experts boost ITF staff capacity in cyber security, mobile app


By Victoria Ojeme

Technology experts from the United States (US) are training staff members of the Industrial Training Fund, ITF, on how to employ high-level tech applications.


The training covers specialist areas such as cybersecurity, app development and use of artificial intelligence.

The Director-General of ITF, Joseph Ari said continuous development of the knowledge-based and capacity of any workforce will position it for competitiveness while strategising for the achievement of its corporate mandate and survival.

At the opening ceremony of the two-week ICT  Partnership programme between NIDO AMERICAS, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment and ITF, the ITF boss explained that the use of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity will help the enhance existing application security capabilities.

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The Secretary of NIDO AMERICAS, Prof Bisi Oladipupo on his part explained that the essence of the programme is to train the trainers.

He said “Since ITF have spread all over Nigeria, we are training their staff, so that they will in turn train others. We have been doing this at our own expense since 2016.”

“When we came home again in 2017, the news got around that our programme is having a positive impact on Nigerians. The Ministry of Industry and ITF decided to partner our group. That is why we are here today.”

Explaining the benefits of cybersecurity, a member of NIDO delegation, Dr Bumi Samuel said because of cyber threats, it is pertinent for the Nigerian government to start protecting its data.

“That is why this training is taking place. Over the next two weeks, we are going to be teaching them on how to protect data now that internet has become a global phenomenon if it is not controlled, it is going to cause lots of problems,” Samuel said.

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“Right now, a lot of companies are losing their data to cyber hacking. It is a serious problem that it can wipe away a whole establishment. To avoid such occurrences, that is why we are conducting this training,” he noted.

NIDO AMERICAS is a group of diaspora Nigerian experts based in the US and committed to giving back to the Nigerian society.