July 19, 2019

Saying no to strangers

Saying no to strangers

The intense Cairo sun makes me almost always dehydrated and thirsty. And no one needs tell me to stop over at any nearby shop to buy a bottle of chilled water to help cool my body and quench my thirst.Strangers

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That was how I went into a shop to buy a bottle of water and met this little girl who wouldn’t be above six or seven years old and must have been sent by her parents to buy some items.

I offered to pay for the items she collected which couldn’t have been above the equivalent of N300. Of course she didn’t understand a word of English and  the shop attendant who understood little spoke to her in Arabic, that I have offered to pay for what she came to buy.

The little girl stood staring at me and finally shook her head in the negative and stretched her hand to pay the attendant by herself.

I was amazed and just smiled and walked away, talking to myself whether she acted that way because they were self sufficient or she was living to the instructions of her parents that she must always learn to say no to strangers.