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Preventing accidents in restaurants and hotels

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Running a successful hospitality business has continued to become more and more difficult over the years.

Turning the business into a profitable one requires dealing with issues such as increased completion, and the rising cost of rent, food, and labor. Making things worse, this industry has always been a popular target for lawsuits related to harassment, discrimination, wage, and accidents.

Prevention and management of hotel accidents and incidents demand the creation of a comprehensive system of safeguards to minimize the exposure of employees to certain factors.

Preventing Accidents:

  • The Attitude of The Owner: It is not possible for hotels and restaurants to prevent accidents unless the owner is serious about protecting the employees from accidents and conveys this concern throughout the organization in an organized and effective manner. There must be focused attention on developing smart, preventive procedures. The owner must be able to create a culture of safety so that every employee understands the importance of accident prevention and acts upon the same.


  • Written Guidelines: Once a culture of safety is developed across the organization, the same must be translated into a set of specific written guidelines that the entire workforce can understand and follow without any difficulty. These guidelines may include online training tools as well as demonstration videos. In order to set up this process, the leadership may engage an external safety consultant.


  • Training and Reinforcement: The leadership should select designated persons to conduct an extensive process of training and reinforcement. This training schedule must include first-aid and CPR training. Reminders related to different safety issues must be provided during regular staff meetings. There should be designated areas to keep all supplies organized.

In the case of any restaurant or hotel, a large majority of security incidents occur because of cuts and burns, slips and falls, and contamination of food by foreign objects. Mentioned below are some guidelines to prevent these hazards.

Slips and Falls:

  • Conduct a detailed risk assessment and implement clear action steps for all potential areas of concern
  • Ensure that all floor surfaces and stairs have reasonable traction for slippage prevention
  • Sustainable cleaning and mopping procedures for the kitchen and dining room
  • All staff must wear proper shoes
  • Ensure that all handrails are secure
  • All uneven floor surfaces must be repaired
  • All drains should remain clear at all times
  • Specific procedures for the rainy season

Cuts and Burns:

  • All kitchen staff must learn and practice proper knife skills
  • Staff should always perform their job using proper tools
  • Sharpen knives on a regular basis
  • Use appropriate safety gear such as gloves, glasses, etc.
  • The staff must be completely aware of potential burn hazards
  • All necessary equipment should be in proper operating condition
  • Proper and adequate lighting throughout the kitchen area
  • All electrical equipment should be grounded properly and the outlets must be secured for user safety

Foreign Objects in Food:

  • Only use products from reputable suppliers
  • Follow a thorough and clear cleaning procedure for food products
  • Do not allow any foreign object to come in the vicinity of the food preparation area
  • Have specific hygiene guidelines for kitchen staff

Managing Accidents:

In spite of putting together all possible preventive measures, accidents do happen. Once a mishap has occurred, here are some steps to manage the accident.

  • Quickly assess the situation and act on things that need immediate attention
  • Handle the accident victim by following all proper procedures
  • Call for emergency help
  • Secure the areas of the accident so that other customers remain away from it
  • Create a detailed report with diagrams, images from the accident spot, and statements from witnesses
  • Conduct a thorough analysis of the incident and share feedback with the staff with an emphasis on improvement in the future.

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