By Rotimi Agbana

Soul music singer, Lami Phillips has advised Nigerian pastors to discontinue their focus on fund raising, discourage indecent dressing in the church and society, preach against religious hypocrisy, extravagance and return to preaching the truth and true worship.

Soul music singer, Lami Phillips
Soul music singer, Lami Phillips

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“Churches need to go back to preaching the truth, preaching love, teaching life. It’s great to encourage and speak prosperity, but people need real answers. Many churches are caught up in fanfare, not true worship. Christianity isn’t about seeming holy, it’s about love. We must embody love in all we do. Church isn’t there for entertainment. Your choir can sing like angels and miss God totally. Are we connected to God or self? Pastors, yes dress well but get back to your roots. Go back to the simplicity of it all while discerning the complexities of living in this generation.”

She added; “Listen to the Holy Spirit, don’t become religious. While you’re at it, reverence for God must be priority. That’s something the traditional churches seem to get. Let people dress moderately, not distracting others who want to worship. Get the word from God and speak it. Not everything needs packaging. Don’t get carried away with fundraising and money. Speak the truth, the money will come. Churches need worshipers who seek God in spirit and truth. Where is the fire, where is the depth? Pastors, we can’t always play nice and soft. People have real issues and need real solutions”, she said.



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