July 19, 2019

MS.Bodega makes a street come back with ‘Shoko’

MS.Bodega makes a street come back with ‘Shoko’

By Rotimi Agbana

As part of her determination to make a meaningful impression with her music, Israeli-American born Afro-beat singer, Ms.Bodega has released a new song titled ‘Shoko’, a project showcasing her undying passion for African music.

The song which features four heavyweight African music acts, Nigeria’s rap king, CDQ, Congo/London’s music star, BM, Benin Republic’s Fanicko and Nigeria’s delectable songstress, Toby Grey, comes as part of Ms.Bodega’s plans to keep pushing her luck in the African market.

Each artist brings a distinct style and fire on their energetic verses to make the perfect dance experience in different languages and dialects. They expressed optimism on the success of the new song, urging their fans across the African continent and beyond to embrace the song.

According to the singer, her mission is to break barriers with her songs, adding that it has been her desire for a long time to penetrate the industry with her Afro-pop music, a genre not popular where she is coming from.

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Ever since she kicked off this movement, the singer who is also an entrepreneur has worked with international artistes on a number of projects, earning her accolades from around the world. Ms.Bodega, who is not new to breaking new barriers and taking bold steps, explained that the need to explore and connect people through music has been the motivating factor for her music voyage to different countries around the world, where she has established herself as, not just a musician, but also as a music producer, writer, performer and record label owner of Bodega World Music.

According to her, the video of Shoko is already in the works and will be released very soon.