By Bunmi Sofola

With beauty products’ prices hitting the roof and the purse string getting tighter, a few desperate women have invented ingenious alternatives to looking a million dollars on a shoe-string!  Now, thanks to these women, you need not spend more than a few Naira a month on your hair, face and body!


Stop removing earwax, ENT expert advises(Opens in a new browser tab)

A good flannel is all you need to keep your skin bright, according to their findings. “Exfoliating agents are mimicking the action of gentle scrubbing, which removes dead cells from the skin’s top layer. Every night, before bed, give yourself a gentle going over with a warm, wet muslin cloth. They can be washed and last for years.

Use lemon on your elbows if you have dry ones. Rub a squeezed lemon half on your elbows to soften and brighten the skin. When you cook fish for instance, automatically give your elbows a little rub before throwing away the lemon halves. The lemon juice acts as a mild bleach, which brightens those tough, nobby bits of skin, and it’s as astringents as an expensive glycolic acid cream.

And your hair? Forget expensive weekly hair treatment. “My top budget beauty trick is to wash my hair as products become less effective the longer you use them. The golden rule is that a moisturiser should not cost the earth, instead of designer products, shop around for local alternatives at most supermarkets. I defy anyone to tell you the difference between the two.”

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