June 29, 2019

I married my husband in 200level — Akachi Adimora-Ezigbo

Professor Akachi Adimora-Ezeigbo

By Chris Onuoha

Professor Akachi Adimora-Ezeigbo now teaches at Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu-Alike, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State as a contract lecturer. She is the former Head and Dean of English Department, University of Lagos where she served meritoriously for decades and retired.

Professor Akachi Adimora-Ezeigbo

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A renowned writer, poet, performer and better known as Professor of Professors, Akachi may be retired from active teaching, but is not tired from a career she is so passionate about. As she continued to educate, perform and impact the society with her wealth of experience as an astute author with over 60 books to her credit, she still demonstrates eagerness to reach out to young academia for impactful interactions.

Recently, she was a special guest at Lagos State University, LASU, Ojo, where she read some of her books to students. The Department of English, LASU found it a privilege having the Professor Akachi Adimora-Ezeigbo around to impact and inspire the students.

Standing tall as elegant stallion on a podium, Akachi’s mission beyond inspiring the audience with her readings is to instill self confidence, I-can-do attitude and entrepreneurial spirit in the students. Her presence obviously charged the students who not only craved for wealth of academic experience beyond been a grandmother, mother and still a wife to someone she calls her pillar of success, Professor Chris Ezeigbo, but to  be inspired for greatness.

With more inspiring words, Professor Ezeigbo noted: “I have written about over 60 books and these comprises children books, fictions and poem collections. She stressed that each book is inspired by experiences she had passed in life, things around her and stories that touch the heart told by people who experienced it life.

Answering questions posed by the audience on how she for her works, she has strived to attain height in her career as a scholar, author and a successful mother and wife, she said,

As a writer, you have to be very observant. And also have to read all books other people have written. If you don’t read you can’t be a good writer. You have to open your eyes to what is happening in the society. You get your inspirations from a lot of things. Ideas come while reading other peoples stories, books and research works. What you observe on the streets can also trigger what to write. You must be open to different influences. As a writer, you must not procrastinate.You need to develop passion for your works and go the extra miles to write. Some established writers write every day. To be a successful writer, you must write every day, whether it make sense or not.

I married my husband when I was at the 200 level at University of Lagos and my husband who I call the pillar of my success story stood by me, supported and also took care of the children while I was busy.

Professor Akachi Ezeigbo read from a selected portion of her two books. I will read from my a book titled; ‘Roses and Bullets’. I want to begin with the older book with emphasis on a history of what happened during the Nigerian civil war which is about a woman who, during the war had an only son that was still single before joining the army.

In her next reading from a book titled, ‘Magic breast bag’. She stressed ; “people often wonder what the title means which I often advise that one should buy it to find the meaning. The story however, is the one that teaches us entrepreneurial spirit. The story teaches us the importance of developing skills and sometimes helps us become rich.

She stressed in this reading that many people today sunk in their problems without thinking outside the box. She made it known that no situation can deprive a living person not to succeed, except the fellow does so at his or her own peril.

She advised the students that they should at all time see opportunities in any situation than laments. For the students who are present at the reading, it was a wonderful experience and interaction with a role model they longed to get acquaintance with.