June 11, 2019

Development Channel creates 5,100 IT-based jobs across 54 African countries



By Rotimi Agbana

Information technology (IT) is a career path that appeals to a large number of African youth as many find it intriguing, engaging, classy and educative. The African youth also believe that career in information technology puts them on the same pedestal with their Western counterparts making the IT industry the most robust avenue for job creation among Africa’s teeming unemployed youth.


However, despite the enormous potential that information technology presents for Africa with regards to job creation, majority of the African youth that undertake the tedious process of equipping themselves with information technology, either end up without a job, working in non IT related fields or simply disillusioned by the lack of opportunities to thrive and fulfill their ambitions, adding merit to the notion that Africa is simply a dream killer.

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There is great news for youths in Africa with training and passion for information technology as the continent’s leading social enterprise creates 5,100 jobs in IT for youth across 54 African countries. The job which is known as “Mother App Trainer” is the first in Africa which engages youth who have strong IT skills to help train the public who are captivated by the countless Development Channel innovations available through the Development Channel App on how to access and enjoy the benefits of the innovations through the App.

The job will have youths with a passion for IT training parents on how to access child support for their loved ones through the App, Teachers on how to earn money through the economic war, students on how to get college loans, the public on how to use the economic system and so much more.

Youths involved in this great job opportunity will find it intriguing, engaging, fulfilling and rewarding, yet they can work remotely without the need to report to any office daily as the training is done over the phone and through the App while salaries and meetings are held through various functions on the unprecedented Development Channel mother App.

Compensations for the youth begin with payments for each App users trained with the company providing the leads of the interested public as well as the airtime and support and grows to $300 per month when 200 persons have been trained by the person in the position. There are also increases in salaries as more people are trained as well as bonuses such as access to phones and computer tablets including health care coverage and discount on need-based items.