June 22, 2019

Chemistry between D’banj and I very profitable – Slimcase

Chemistry  between D’banj and I very profitable – Slimcase


Considering the way pop star, Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo, a.k.a D’banj manages to joggle between a tight work schedule and marital responsibilities, one may be tempted to think he has a secret rule book guiding him.


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However, in a chat with Showtime, the ‘Fall in Love’ crooner explained how he has been able to successfully achieve this feat.

“It’s been very hard but the truth is one just has to understand what he/she is doing. When you see the actors or footballers in the club, they’re just normal people, but when the footballers put on their jersey and get on the field, they’re different people entirely. I was with Obafemi Martins in the club recently and he was just a normal person but when he wears the jersey, he’s a different person. So like I said, one just needs to understand what you do. As an entertainment person, it’s part of me. When I wear my costume as D’Banj, I get to entertain my people but then I’ve my privacy and if you check it properly for the last decade, even if I’m out there I keep my private life very private. If you know how to strike a balance and then God blesses you with the right wife that can understand then you’re good”, he said.

Speaking further, he revealed the secret behind his ability to successfully stay relevant on the Nigerian music scene for more than a decade.

“I really don’t know, I just do what I do. But I think it’s just by doing what I know how to do best and being true to myself, being original. Also, believing in God and touching base with your foundation, where you’re coming from. For a very long time I’ve always tried to understand my calling, I think that’s one thing that has helped me to get to this level and it’s been an interesting ride.” The self-styled ‘Koko Master’ who just launched a new YouTube series chronicling his musical sojourn, (The adventures of Koko Master) explained why he needed to do so.

“One major thing that has affected us in Africa is that we’ve not documented our stories right and that hasn’t inspired the new generation. Growing up, we saw what Michael Jackson was doing and we could imagine and have hope of being like that also. But in Africa we don’t see such, we’re only told. So, I’ve documented mine and it’s going to have 15-episodes. It’s going to be about my life and other colleagues of mine. I’ll be answering questions that I know people have been asking over the years. I’m also using it to advise the up and coming generation”, he said.