By Emmanuel Odoemelam
Many people carry their work to bed with them by thinking about what they did which they should not have done, and about what they did not do which they should have done.


After spending sleepless hours with the past, they switch to think about the future, about what may or may not happen.
As negative as this may appear, it is even better than not reviewing or thinking through the day’s engagements and achievements.

However, you should review the day events with a view to deciding what you will do about them the following day or in the future, and then go to sleep allowing your subconscious mind to take care of the details.

When you worry, you are holding mental pictures of things you do not want, instead of things you do want. Therefore when you go to sleep, visualize the ideal condition you are seeking, instead of the one existing that may be probably negative.

Imagine the reality you desire to create and enjoy the feeling of it happening to you. Know that while you are asleep, your subconscious mind will find the solution to the problem and tomorrow it will guide you to do the things that will eliminate the condition that causes you worry.

Some people lose needed sleep by spending too much time during the night to plan for the future.
When you stay awake and attempt to create, you are using only a small portion of your mind. When you permit yourself to drop off into peaceful, relaxed sleep after having set an intention to your subconscious mind, you are making use of your greatest mental powers.



You may not know what to do but when the time comes, the ideas and inspiration will pour in when there was none at all.


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