April 14, 2019

TECNO SPARK 3: Equipped with AI bright camera and AI Identity

TECNO SPARK 3: Equipped with AI bright camera and AI Identity

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By Emeka Aginam

These days, Smartphone users are always on the lookout for how features such as screen size, memory capacity and cool things like fingerprint recording and the likes are structured to function. Of course, a  trendy smartphone these days must come equipped with an impressive camera, powerful battery, a notch screen (being a trend virtually every brand has latched on to) and an AI assisted system. It’s a no-brainer.

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So, it seems like artificial intelligence (A.I) has made its way to every smartphone on the market, and is slowly becoming a staple feature on devices around the world. But what does AI really mean?

Artificial Intelligence simply refers to the ability of a smartphone to perform impressive tasks such as – communication, learning, recognition and differentiation of objects, people and places through a set of automated algorithms. Artificial Intelligence cuts across image recognition, identity feature and AI bright camera, amongst other things.

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Although this might sound like a scene out of a sci-fi movie, I assure you that it is not and is in fact a reality.

The TECNO brand is no stranger to the artificial intelligence algorithm, being Africa’s most popular smartphone brand and the brand that knows local consumer best, TECNO launched SPARK 3 (16GB RAM + 2GB ROM version only) as a proof of the brand’s commitment to giving users the perfect smartphone experience fusing elements of the latest technology and style.

In 2011, TECNO Mobile built the Nigeria Imaging Research Center and initiated TECNO Face Study Program. This program focuses on researching on people’s face, so far and the number of faces studied has reached 1,000,000. TECNO assigned over 2000 employees globally to research the camera features, which is why you are able to take beautiful photos.

SPARK 3 AI camera (16GB RAM + 2GB ROM version only) comes with impressive features such as: AI beauty mode, AI Bokeh mode, Watermark, AI soft light selfie, AI selfie camera, Backlight HDR, Adjustable flashlights, amongst other features.

Skin— SPARK 3 can recognized different face features and tones and give the most suitable level of “re-touch” and “lighting” automatically to your photos, including skin polish, dispel freckle, remove acne, remove pouch and black rim of the eye.

3D Face Fine-tuning —  SPARK 3 AI camera can cover 18 face dimensions to enable 3D face fine-tuning. It also helps to enhance hair contrast and colour saturation, highlights your forehead, nose and lips. It even smartly increases the eyelids to both left and right to extend the eye liner. You get a beautiful photo in just one second without having make-up on.

Mix Flash 2.0 —  TECNO SPARK series always comes with ultra-bright front flash. The SPARK 3 comes with an 8MP front camera, F2.0 large aperture, 4P lens, 78° selfie angle and adjustable front flash, with the added front flash and brighter screen, SPARK 3 is sure to give the best experience while taking photos, doing a video chat, playing games and watching videos.

AI Face Unlock  — This new technology unlocks your device within milliseconds and ensures that vital information saved on the device does not come in contact with unauthorized persons. When you lift the phone, the phone screen will automatically light up and is unlocked by your face right away.