April 15, 2019

Nigerians react to US Embassy post on visa denial

Nigerians react to US Embassy post on visa denial

Reactions have continued to trail the United States Embassy in Nigeria statement that the embassy Visa Officers, contrary to popular beliefs, ‘do not enjoy denying anyone visa.

The Embassy made this known on a Facebook post on Monday saying ‘Contrary to popular opinion, Visa Officers do not enjoy handing anyone the 214b refusal letter.

Proof: Visa Officers will be live on Facebook to talk about some of the commonly misunderstood questions on the DS 160 and help you improve your next application.

Join us on Wednesday, April 17, 2019 at 2:00pm and #AskTheConsul your questions’

But many Nigerian reacting to the post do not believe what the embassy posted.

Some of those who reacted to the post like Adaobi Emmanuella Njoku narrating her experiences said: ‘Contrary to what you just posted, I think and believe they actually do enjoy it because they act like they know it all and still end up giving visas to people without genuine intentions.

I can’t wait for Wednesday to come because I have already prepared my questions down. They will explain to me how it is possible to deny one visa three times with three different reasons at different times when the form was filled exactly the same and for the same purpose. For a medical trip to help save ones child. I can’t wait for Wednesday.’

Ufoeze Oge Uc said: ‘To think I stood before a staff and the first thing he asked me was What does your husband do? I answered “Sir am not married” the next thing I heard was sorry ma you are not qualified for this visa. So it’s now a must to be married.

When people are sincere they are denied, I can’t lie because I want to go to another man’s land. Anyway na me find them go.

Till Wednesday afternoon.’

Ogbeni Samuel Adeleke Adejimi said: ‘Thanks for giving us the opportunity to ask questions relating to common mistakes that led to visa denial based on DS 160 form.
I’ve had 5 different experience.
Will surely join the consular officer by 2pm on Wednesday to ask my questions.’

Akufai Valentine Jonah said: ‘Had a terrible experience in 2013. I got scholarship to attend a conference in Denver but was denied visa. I was not angry because i was denied visa, i was angry in the manner of the disrespect from the consular officer.

Imagine giving one that refusal letter and you are told off you go without any tangible explanation, after reading the letter, it states that i don’t have strong ties to my country either through being married, niether do i have a job and back then i use to work with an NGO and it was clearly stated in my application, i have forgotten the third excuse.

I just laughed and left, I know people who are single then and are still single today that have gotten US visa, i know people who have no job but have gotten US visa, i know people who had zero travel experience but yet were granted US visa. Since that episode i have never ever applied for a U S visa because i don’t have any business there for now.

Me, I would never get marry because i want to secure a US visa, Who sets the rule on what is “Strong ties”? Just a way to allow someone play “God”. For me, you get US visa base on which side of the bed the consular officer interviewing you wakes up from.

Ikechukwu Enekweizu: ‘Like people are becoming wise,you people are now advertising, US don’t give visa to youths for now, is better to stay clear, how can one pay school fees, SEVIS fee,try three times yet was denied thrice till school could no longer sponsor another i20,and refund my school fees while all the visa fees ×3 and the SEVIS fee is gone and you still want me to try again??? Keep ur visa,

Giddy Fanny: ‘My problem with USA embassy in Abuja is that an error that was made on my son application could not be corrected and many mails sent could not resolve it. The mother’s name appeared in the appointment letter whereas others information are right. Now the mother got her visa but my son cannt attend interview and attempt to fill another application form is not permitted. It always showed that he has existing application with same information. How do i resolve this logjam’

Kuti Oluwafuntan Abiola: ‘In a situation whr ds-160 was filled correctly buh b4 u answered the question bn asked by d consular,d refusal form is already in her hand…’

Ralph Irabor: ‘Even though you complete correctly you will still deny people visa without even interviewing them..’

Sunday Aaron Gbadeyanka: ‘The problem is from our Nigeria 🇳🇬 Government.’

Monarch Prince: ‘Am sorry to say this the issue is not the consular but our government who make them believed we are not relevant in our country…..they don’t even interview again they look at u from head to toe and conclude even if u have genuine reason of going to the country….u can imagine a president of an NGO was refused to attend UNITED NATIONS event….they exhaust our finances with style….160$ multiply by family of 4 that is a lot of money…..and to get the visa is even more easier in other countries but when it come to Nigeria application na war.’

Jonathan Chukwumezie said: ‘How do you explain the fact that I bought documents to back my application, it was not even looked at,
Besides that I have 14 Chinese Visa’s in my passport
What am I absconding to USA to do?’

Olagunju Rotimi said: ‘American government just extorting Nigerians everyday by asking you to pay $160 none refundable visa fee….. If u r refused or denied let there be a sensible reasoning for such action but the same reason given to fake document is given to inability to fill ds160 form also those who are aspiring to further education over there. Nigerian government just sit down dey look as US embassy makes billions of $ from Nigerians everyweek.’

Magnus Nwanonenyi said: ‘In 2005, I was invited by a company in USA to attend a three days conference and after applying for US visa, I was called for interview. Lo, and behold the interview went successfully but was denied of visa, its painful because there was no reason the consular could give. They ate my money. It’s too bad. If USA embassy knows that they will not give someone visa, they should return the visa fee period. I tag it fraud!’