Budding Yoruba actress, Ibukun Adeleke, who is also a make-up artist, may have spoken the minds of many women of today who see marriage as a burden but are scared to speak out. In a chat with Potpourri, the Oyo State-born endowed actress bared her mind on marriage, sex and relationship.

‘Sex, to me, is paramount because it relieves me of stress and worries; sex is good to the health. I would say that marriage is necessary but not compulsory; marriage is good for people who can handle it, not all adults are matured. And relationship on the other hand is just like marriage, how you handle your relationships will determine how you will handle your marriage,’ she said giving her opinion on sex and marriage.

“We can end poverty, unemployment, deficit via waqf, zakat”

Concerning whether women should flaunt their sexuality or endowment, Ibukun was rather emphatic and straight to the point. “In my opinion, a woman should flaunt her sexuality or endowment or whatever, because it’s given to us to flaunt. I flaunt my boobs because it’s my number one endowment, that’s the first thing people look at when they see me, so I flaunt it,’ she quipped.

Ibukun Adeleke has produced two films of her own. One is ‘Obiri’ and yet to be released ‘Aderomola’. She has also featured in Dagbere, Asise Kan, Amnesia, Time, Eni Aiye Gbagbe, Baba Ame, just to mention a few.

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