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Warning for heavenly candidates (5)

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By Muoka Lazarus

Revelation 4:11: “Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast creat-ed all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.”


Beloved, without equivo-cation, we all must agree that every creature owes its existence to the will and pleasure of God. We are not self-existent but were formed by God for His own desire. God created us for His own pleasure and for His pleasure alone shall we live for.

Warning for the Heavenly candidate (III)

And His desire cum pleas-ure is to praise and worsh-ip only Him. There is no other reason why the uni-verse exists than to give God pleasure. Consequen-tly whatever wisdom, po-wer, goodness that is man-ifested in the universe, is only meant to acknow-ledge this fact and please the Almighty God.

All true believers should wholly ascribe their red-emption and conversion, their present privileges and future hopes, to the et-ernal and most holy God.

That we are heavenly can-didates means that after pleasing God, we shall be with Him in heaven at the end of this life. Not all creature has this privilege. Going back to Him could be either through rapture or when we drop our body before the rapture and that should be our consolation and comfort, because if you are a believer living right heaven is your goal where you shall be forever and ever.

Whatever position we are holding in the Church or outside should not becloud our sense of knowing that we are not of this world. We must not allow position to make us to miss the king-dom of God, what should be our utmost interest should be to make heaven at last.

I Corinthian 15:19: “If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable.”

If you are a heavenly cand-idate because of the things of this life such as to marry, get money, rich, and you don’t have hope to make heaven, the Bible says you are of all men most miser-able, so you need to think aloud and stop deceiving yourself. Don’t profess to be a Christian that you are not. If you speak the lang-uage of a Christian but your action is contradicting what the Bible is saying, you are not a candidate of heaven. If you are into contention, hatred, envy, but yet are talking of being a child of God, you are deceiving yourself. If there is murmuring, com-plaining, fault finding in you, my friend you are not a heavenly candidate. The Bible says we must follow peace with all men and holiness which without no eyes shall see the Lord.

It’s Mothers Day

So examine your life and don’t be carried away by position for the glory of this life shall fade away. No matter what you have or possess it cannot be used to replace your soul. A man’s life does not consist of the things he possess, so don’t be enticed by the riches of these world. It profits a man nothing if he gains the whole world and loss his soul.

Those that are candidates of heaven should not be compelled to obey God, do His will from the heart, live right, fear God, or be compelled to come to wor-ship God. You need to search your life since you are claiming to be a candidate of heaven. Check if you are really born again, have done immersion baptism, sure your name is written in the Book of life.

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