March 31, 2019

Leaders can’t succeed with faulty foundation – Kumuyi, Bamgbola



By Sam Eyoboka & Olayinka Latona

AT the maiden ecumenical summit of church ministers in Lagos on Wednesday, the General Super-intendent of Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor William Kumuyi and chair-man of Lagos branch of Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Apostle Alexander Bam-gbola charged Nigerian Christian and political leaders that they cannot succeed in ministry and move the nation forward with faulty foundation.


Preaching the only sermon at the first edition of the Ministers’ Development Networking Summit organised by the Deeper Christian Life Ministry in con-junction with the Lagos State Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), at the Deeper Life Bible Church’s head-quarters in Gbagada, Lagos, titled: “Building the builder’s life and minist-ry,” Kumuyi said the minister’s success in ministry depended on a solid founda-tion anchored on salvation, adding that a solid foundation was also needed in every institution, be it government, pri-vate or the church.

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According to him, “your future is guaranteed when you build your life on a solid foundation. Build your life and ministry; build your faith to build your walk with God, the fullness is in the word of God, take the shield of faith to quench every fiery dart of the devil against your life.”

Kumuyi lamented that many leaders had defied their foundation while others possessed deceptive foundation that would not stand the test of time, stressing that “some have destroyed foundation, diminishing foundation and displaced foundation. Examine whether your foundation is still standing. After you have been built up, you build up others.”

To have a solid foundation, the holiness preacher argues, there must be repent-ance, adding “you need to build up your faith through hearing the word of God. No hearing, no faith; little hearing, little faith; decreasing hearing, decreasing faith; dull hearing, dull faith; distracted hearing, distracted faith; diminishing hearing, diminishing faith; concentra-ted hearing, concentrated faith; undilu-ted hearing, undiluted faith; clear hea-ring, clear faith; frequent hearing, force-ful faith and steady hearing, strong faith.”

In an interview, the Lagos CAN chair-man, Apostle Bamgbola, said: “This nation has a rotten foundation; a found-ation of corruption. Foundation is so important and it is because the found-ation of this nation is rotten that we have all kinds of politicians. We are still reaping what we sowed in 1959 election.

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“Church leaders should have the fear of God, politicians should change. What will you be doing with N1 billion? The semi-nars in this programme are prepared for ministers to do the right thing for God,” he said, emphasizing the need for the ministers to take advantage of summits like this, because “if we ministers do the right thing, then our nation is going to be a prosperous nation.

“We must keep praying; if not for pray-ers, Nigeria would have been forgotten. But beyond prayers we must act; we should show good example. That is what this summit is all about,” he said.

Bamgbola said for Nigeria to work again, leaders must turn a new leaf and refrain from embezzling public funds, stressing: “We need a new beginning in our nation. This country is filled with corruption; what the Church is doing here today is what we need to do in politics, business and in all areas of human endeavor in our nation.

No fewer than 2,000 clergymen from different denominations across the coun-try including the state CAN Secretary-General, Baba Aladura Elder Israel Akinadewo, Lagos State PFN chairman, Bishop Sola Ore, General Overseer of Vineyard Christian Centre, Bishop John Osa-Oni, Bishop George Amu among several others participated in the maiden summit.