March 16, 2019

Consumers should read terms, conditions before purchasing goods — Utomi

Consumers should read terms, conditions before purchasing goods — Utomi

Prof. Pat Utomi

 Prof. Patrick Utomi, a Director at, on Saturday urged consumers to always read terms and conditions of digital products before purchase, to avoid complaints.

Prof. Pat Utomi

Utomi made this known during a press briefing to mark 2019 World Consumer Rights Day in Lagos.

Newsmen report that is a social media platform where consumers share the real-life experience of goods and services offered to them in the Nigerian market.

It was launched in August 2018, and the main objective is to bring consumers together so that they can help each other make a better purchasing decision.

The platform is also a means for consumers to give feedback to service providers/producers.

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The theme of the event was “Trusted Smart Products”.

Utomi, a professor of political economics, said it was necessary to read reviews to avoid unfair terms and conditions made by companies producing digital brands.

He noted that in order to educate consumers on their rights, the has joined consumers organisations around the globe to observe and enforce the rights.

“Nigerians, being lovers of digital products, need to be aware of their rights and responsibilities in a connected world.

“This would save Nigerian consumers who are often exposed to unsafe, unethical practices and complex policies from being at a disadvantage with the companies that provide digital products.

“In an ongoing poll on, most respondents have expressed their lack of trust in digital products and many indicated a preference for buying physically than buying online,” he said.

Utomi said that the platform had found a huge communication gap between consumers and service providers/producers which usually led to a lack of clarity and unnecessary misunderstanding.

“We, therefore, believe that it is essential to strengthen the conversation between consumers and producers.

“A consumer has a right to understand his/her bills, so billing appropriately is not enough, customers need to understand it,” Utomi said.

He stressed the need for consumer protection agencies to use the information from to defend consumer rights.

“Consumer legislation in Nigeria needs to be clearly applicable to online transactions and consumer education units need to educate consumers appropriately, ” he said. (NAN)