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February 12, 2019

Your luck today

By Joshua Adeyemo Phone 08056180139

SAGITTARIUS; Tomorrow will prove more beneficial. Yet you can make meaningful progress today through your career line. Avoid secretive deal please.

CAPRICORN; It is better to take practical assistance from your good friends than their advice now when Mercury goes on backward motion in Pisces. Be more ambitious.

AQUARIUS; Remarkable success indicated for you today. But it is important you don’t take for granted competitors emerging along your career line. Be more practical.

PISCES; Many ideas will compete for prominent place on your mind today but you will need to be more careful with new ideas not capable to stand test of time.

ARIES; Those soliciting your support in terms of joint venture may not be telling you everything; that is to say you must guard against deception. Practical approach to your work (hard work) will give you good result.. Take good care of your health..

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TAURUS; Although you appear more enterprising, s the element of luck may not  bring much success today. It is good to be loving but a bad day to create atmosphere for deep seated jealousy as it can take long time to get over the ripples.

GEMINI; For the next few days you will need to take your health more seriously. As for today you will be willing to give priority attention to happenings within your base.

CANCER; You will need to beware of new ideas coming to you suddenly.  Take advantage of your sex appeal positively. Learn how to consolidate on progress you have made yesterday. Lovers may have an exciting day.

LEO; Simply because you are able to manage the tension within your base of operation without serious trouble today it does not mean you can continue to lord it over others without negative reaction in the next few days.

VIRGO; You will have the needed opportunity to assert yourself to the betterment of your cause. Unnecessary argument can not help you now.

LIBRA; You can make it your day; financial success is closer to you than you think. The more ambitious and  willing you are to keep your secrets the better for your cause.

SCORPIO; You will need to always re-examine your new ideas more than twice before contemplating execution. Here is a day when friends will assist you. Assert yourself positively.