February 4, 2019

Why I dumped nursing for acting —Haillie Sumney

Why I dumped nursing for acting —Haillie Sumney

Nollywood has in recent times witnessed the influx of foreign professionals and Nigerian-based French-Ghanaian actress, Haillie Sumney, has decided to join the band wagon.


Haillie who studied nursing at Riverside University, California and worked at Riverside Hospital for two and half years said she has always had the passion for the acting craft but for the influence of her parents, she studied Nursing.

However, in a chat with E-Daily, she stated that after fulfilling her parent’s desire, she later decided to pursue her dream career, acting.

“They didn’t really see the vision of acting; they wanted to know if I wanted to be a doctor, lawyer, nurse or the likes. I enjoyed that but it wasn’t really my true passion. So when I came back home, I decided to get back to following my passion,” she said.

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She advised Nigerians crazy about leaving Africa for America or European countries in search of greener pastures against it.

“I’ll advice anyone who wants to go abroad to just go to school and come back because for me it is easier to make it here and it’s a bit difficult over there. The American system is a zombie system where everyone works round the clock just to pay bills,” she said.

Hailley has already featured in four movies so far alongside Alex Ekubo, IK Ogbonna and other Nollywood super stars. She is also set to host a Talk show, ‘Vibe with Haillie’ on Mission Africa TV which will feature health and entertainment issues.