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Polls: Make decisions based on performance, FIDAGG tells Nigerians

By Festus Ahon & Ochuko Akuopha

ASABA – FORUM of Intellectuals of Delta State for Good Governance, FIDAGG, has advised Nigerians to make informed decisions based on performance by the major parties in the forthcoming general elections.


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At symposiums held in Asaba, Oleh and Warri with the theme: Consolidating Democracy and the Imperative for Good Governance, the academics of Delta State origin drawn from tertiary institutions across the country  listed issues such as the economy, fight against corruption, restructuring and education among core areas that should help Nigerians make such decisions.

Speaking at the event, the Chairman, Research and Strategy of the forum, Prof. Andy Egwunyenga said: “Sustainable democracy is hinged on the commitment of political parties to internal democracy.

“The fall-outs of primaries in some states are indicative of weak internal structures in our parties. Nigeria’s democracy will be measured with regard to such critical ingredients such as rule of law and supremacy of the constitution, fundamental human rights, free and fair elections and majority rule and tolerance of minority opinion.

“Other critical factors of democracy are internal democracy within political parties, separation of powers, virile civil society organisations and economic independence.

“Sustainable democracy can only be achieved through good governance; a major prerequisite is political inclusion, freedom of the press, separation of powers through a responsive executive and independent legislature and judiciary,” he said.

Prof. S.O Aghalino in his presentation said: “Nigeria’s quest for good governance has proved elusive with the emergence of do-or-die politics and commercialisation of politics.

“With the triumph of APC in the 2015 elections, Nigerian electorate have been given the opportunity to experience governance from the perspectives of both political parties.

“The PDP and APC have had their fair share of developmental efforts. Both parties have suffered the plague of corruption, economic mismanagement, insecurity, terrorism to varying dimensions”.

Dr. William Ehwarieme on his part, said: “The two crucial elements in choice making are the availability of alternatives and understanding of issues at stake.”



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