By Ayo Onikoyi

There’s an age-long cliche that a beautiful woman cannot stay with one man because wherever she is she is the cynosure of all eyes. But like every rule in life, there’s always an exception and one exception to this cliche is Port Harcourt-based On-Air-Personality (OAP) on the bill of Cool FM, Honey Ojokwu. She’s a ravishingly beautiful woman with every pegs of her body in the right holes.


She’s as good in the rear as she’s in the front but the front seems a little too ambitious as her ‘girls’ would mostly have sent out the welcome signal long before Honey herself comes into the picture.

In a chat with Potpourri the Enugu-born OAP says she does not believe the cliche holds water, expressing her thoughts that she’s a beautiful woman who would stick to one man through thick and thin. She also says she’s not the only woman who can hold her own in this regard.

Hear her: “Maybe that’s why I’m not married! (Laughs). Don’t mind me. But I have met series of men, so many men that do not believe I could date only them. So, it’s something that most people in Nigeria, I think the typical African man believes.

Because the foreigners I’ve met are quite different, it’s just that the distance is crazy and that’s why it has not worked. Most of the men here feel there’s no way Honey will have twenty five thousand followers, there’s no way thirty men will comment on Honey’s pictures, there is no way Honey will get over a thousand likes and Honey is going to stick with them. So, it has affected my relationships and a lot of men who have come around me.

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There are different men out there, just that those that have a different view have other women around them. It’s a crazy world we live in but yes most men believe that there’s no way a beautiful woman will stay with one man which is wrong. I am someone that believes in commitment, if I’m with you, I’m with you. So, if I’m with you, we are actually together and if not, I’ll state it from the start that we are not here and it’s not working.

So it’s a lie, there are beautiful women out there who can stay with one man. I can mention a thousand names but that’s not the point. I feel that mindset has to be changed; it’s when a man is insecure most times that he feels that way. If you know that this woman is yours and she’s beautiful, she can be yours. I’m not here to educate the men, but I think it is wrong; even though some women are messed up, not every beautiful woman sleeps around or stay with different men. Some women are different.”

Honey Ojukwu, who is also a model and brand influencer is the daughter of Flora Ojukwu, a popular broadcaster in the old days. She’s presently with Cool FM, Portharcourt after having worked with Urban Radio, Enugu and Hit FM, Calabar.


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