February 28, 2019

Good foundation is key to academic success – ADIGUN

Good foundation is key to academic success  – ADIGUN

Joshua Adigun

Made excellent results in GCE, WASSCE, UTME
Advises JAMB candidates on success

By Dayo Adesulu

MANY senior secondary school students have done well in their national examinations, but Master Joshua Adigun has performed excellently in his WASSCE, GCE, UTME and post-UTME.

Adigun,16 who attended Gladys High School, Ketu, made his GCE results with excellent at age 15. He repeated the same feat during his WASSCE with excellent results in eight subjects.

Besides, in his first attempt at the 2018 UTME, Adigun emerged one of the best, scoring 343 to beat over a million other candidates.

While basking in euphoria of the above success, Adigun  sat for the post UTME and also made the departmental cut-off mark for medicine and surgery at the University of Ibadan.

Joshua Adigun

By those academic excellence, Adigun has gained provisional admission to study medicine and surgery at U.I.

Adigun who spoke with Vanguard during   SuccessBox  award ceremony in Lagos, traced his academic success to solid foundation  received from Gladys High School. According to him, Gladys School and Gladys High School  where he started nursery and secondary brought out the best in him.

He said: “My school taught me discipline, hard work, reading and assimilation.

“Gladys has provided a learning environment for everyone to explore his ability to the best level. The teachers, students, everyone around encourage you to do your best and that has helped me a lot.

“Our teachers take extra time, take us aside from the normal class periods and impact knowledge into us. They take us through past questions, how examinations are set.

“Moreover, during class, periods are set aside to teach us how to handle questions. Seminars and workshops were also organized to help us on how to understand the structures of examinations and how to perform better during those examinations.

“Those efforts by the school really affected my performances positively in GCE, WASSCE, UTME and post UTME.

“During my first attempt in GCE, I had 5 A’s and 3 B’s.,” I did better in the SSCE. I had 7 A’s and 2 B’s, A1 in Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Further Mathematics, Geography, Data Processing and Civil Education, B in Physics and English Language. In my UTME, I scored 343.

Asked on the secret of his academic performance, he said: “In my honest opinion, I think it was by God’s grace. I believe there is a spiritual input of that and God was highly there and is awesome.

”Apart from God’s factor in achieving success, Adigun disclosed that the   important part of writing an examination is understanding the examination you are about to write.”

According to him, sometimes students   don’t  score as much marks as they should because they don’t understand the examination. He said: “ SSCE is different from UTME, therefore you have to approach them differently.   In my preparations for those examinations, I understood the syllabus, took some time to go through it to know what was expected of me.

“ I think understanding the exams structure and studying according to plan of the examination helped a lot.For me, I don’t really think it is about the volume of hours  of study each day, I believe it’s about consistency in reading and studying. However, every time I read, I ensure I don’t read less than two hours per day and when the work load was too much, I did three to five hours daily.”

Asked what he does to understand and retain learning, Adigun said: “I use things I can relate to in my environment. In my  house for example, I can break down types of things in the house,  family members  characters and liking elements to them. Sometimes, I use acronyms depending on what comes up and how I believe the subject matter will be retained.

Adigun, who confessed that he will not forget in a hurry the role the Successbox played during his preparations for UTME said, “Successbox made me understand the examination more than I did with the syllabus. So it was like creating an examination’s environment that I could relate to and when I got to the examination hall, nothing seems strange to me.   It was like I was using successbox again in the examination hall.”

His advice to students out there : ”Believe in yourself and believe there is a person behind you and that person is God. Apart from that, every student should understand how examinations are set. You do not need to prepare for UTME like you are preparing for SSCE. Some times the materials you need for them are different. Understand the examination structures, study along with it. Even if you are able to get just few hours everyday, consistency matters, do it daily and it becomes part of you.”

Joshua was among the five candidates that scored between 280 and 343  with the aid of SuccessBox.

On his part, the Managing Director, Chronicles Software Development Company, Mr. Oluwakoyejo Oluwatosin lauded the performance of Joshua Adigun who prepared for the UTME practising with the successbox online for free.

For emerging the best using the successbox, Adigun was rewarded with a scholarship of N500,000.

Oluwatosin, while announcing various cash rewards to outstanding students explained that his goal was to empower over one million JAMB candidates with a robust testing platform to enable them better prepare and achieve excellence in JAMB 2019.

According to him, SuccessBOX is an online test platform where students from all over Nigeria and beyond can prepare with over 50,000 Questions and Answers and go on to excel in their exams. He said: ‘’The initiative is the brainchild of Chronicles Software Development Company (Chroniclesoft) and  is available for free on  “Our goal is to empower over one million JAMB candidates with a robust testing platform to enable them better prepare and achieve excellence in JAMB 2019. Its features include instant scoring mechanism, random question generation, 15 years or more past question bank and post-test performance review among others.

”SuccessBOX is purpose built and will operate as a web-enabled, mobile-friendly portal while increasing the server bandwidth based on demands and will provide additional supports to over one million users. The solution will enable more examination candidates have access to high quality preparatory materials in the most cost-effective way.”

He, however reiterated the company’s commitment to improving the quality of education using smart technology solutions in Nigeria. ”This is the 10th year since its establishment  and is our little way of giving back to the society,” he said.