2011 April Polls Update

February 24, 2019

Despite Boko Haram’s threats Buhari floors Atiku in Borno

Despite Boko Haram’s threats Buhari floors Atiku in Borno

President Buhari, Aisha vote at the Presidential and National Assembly Elections at Kofar Baru Polling Unit 003 in Daura Katsina State on 23rd Feb 2019

By Ndahi Marama
Maiduguri – Despite the Saturday several missiles fired in the capital city of Maiduguri on the morning of presidential election by the Boko Haram terrorists, the presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), Muhammadu Buhari is defeating his closest rival for the election, Atiku Abubakar with wide margin of votes in the 7 local government areas so far collated in Maiduguri.



In the results which has been so far collated from the 7 out of the 27 local government areas, President Buhari polled 71,944 to beat Alhaji Abubakar who scored 3,348 votes.

Breakdown of the results is as follows: Mobbar local government area; Total registered votes, 44,619 , accredited votes , 14,030 , total valid votes , 13,540 , rejected votes 490 . Party scores : APC 13,112 , PDP.

Gubio local government area: Registered Voters; 38,849 , accredited voters, 11,346 , total votes cast, 11,346. Party scores, APC 10,207, PDP 510.

Nganzai local government area: Total valid votes ; 8058. Party scores; APC 6804 , PDP 975 .

Magumeri local government area: Registered Voters; 50,991 ; accredited voters 14,364 , total valid votes 13,738 , total votes cast 14,364 . Party scores APC 12,739 , PDP 692.

Dikwa local government area: Registered Voters; 51,793 , accredited voters 18, 298 , total valid votes , 17,989 . Party scores, APC 17, 805 , PDP 100.

Guzamala local government area: Registered Voters ; 38, 805 , accredited voters 6,284 , total valid votes , 5971 . Party scores ; APC 5,370 , PDP 521.

Abadam local government area : Registered Voters 45, 707 , total votes cast 6, 554 . Party scores , APC 5,907 , PDP 521.

Speaking during the collation at the Sir Kashim Ibrahim College of Education centre, the Minister of State for works , Power and Housing, Mustapha Baba Shehuri said he is not surprised with the landslide victory of the president in Borno state.

Shehuri said Buhari having fulfilled the three cardinal principle of his administration which is tackling Boko Haram insurgency and other security challenges facing the nation prior to his administration, improvement of the battered country’s economy as well as his doggednes in the fight against corruption, the victory is clear for him.

In the power sector , Baba Shehuri said from 3,000 megawatts , the administration met it in 2015, the megawatts,have been improved between 6000 to 7000 megawatts.

” Jobs has been created , the N Power is a typical example where thousands of Nigeria youth have been engaged , with others empowered with entrepreneural skills,” the Minister said.

However, the PDP Presidential collation agent for Borno state, Mr Nicholas Msheliza protested the the results so far collated, saying they are not true reflection of what was sent in by the various party agents.

He added that most of the results presented were not countersigned by the PDP agents as displaced , which he has pointed out at the collation centre.