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2019 PRESIDENTIAL POLLS: Nigerian entertainers speak on their expectations, hopes

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By Rotimi Agbana

As the much awaited Presidential election holds today, Nigerians are looking forward to a credible, peaceful, fair and free election. However, Showtime went into town to speak with some Nigerian entertainers on their hopes and expectations during and after the election.


I look forward to a free and fair election- Filmmaker, Zeb Ejiro

I look forward to a free and fair election; once it is free and fair I don’t care whichever way it goes. If Buhari or Atiku wins, beautiful, so long as it’s free and fair, we need to take it. Let Nigerians speak; let Nigerians decide who they want to rule them for the next four years. I hope for a better Nigeria after the election because what we have now is not what we desire as a people We deserve something better. Because of the economy my industry is in comatose, we’re greatly affected.

My transactions with Tinubu – Tambuwal

I hope we vote for our future- Simi

I hope this weekend we vote with the understanding that it’s our future we’re voting for. Not for twitter bragging rights and not for clout. Not for enmity or friendship. But for our future and the future of our children! God help us.

I expect a violent-free election- Actress, Funke Akindele

Provocation is the cause of major violence in elections in Nigeria. Don’t be provoked. Avoid provoking others, respect everyone, and treat others the way you want to be treated. Let’s make 2019 elections safe, secure and credible.

Halima Abubakar

I don’t have high hopes or expectations from today’s election—Actor,  Wole Ojo

I hope Nigerians would have the courage to go out and vote today. I hope the authorities would be fair and just enough to give the real account of the votes and allow the candidate with the highest votes win. I do not particularly have high hopes or expectations from today’s election but I just wish that Nigerians their civic  rights and responsibilities  because if we don’t then we give opportunity for the election to be rigged, which is what we don’t want. With the way Nigeria is structured, it would be difficult for anyone to say this is what I hope for after the election because we have to see who wins first before we begin to say what we hope for.

I expect credible election- Screen Diva, Halima Abubakar

A free and fair election is what we pray for, violence free and no rigging. Let the best man win and may God bless Nigerians. But we are full of hate, it’s so shocking. I pray for peace for our dear country.

I hope Nigeria gets better- Actress, Sotayo Sobola

I pray for a violent free election and pray the best person wins. I hope the country gets better than it has been with adequate facilities for its occupants. We seek a better and conducive live-in country.

Let the right candidate be elected president, – Musician, Danny Young

I expect that Nigerians would come out and vote for the candidate of their choice. We don’t need sentiments. We have seen the candidates and we know who is credible enough to move Nigeria forward. Our interest shouldn’t be about our affiliation to any political group or party but the right candidate that will bring growth and development to Nigeria. I hope that the right candidate is elected and finally get someone who will represent the interest of the greatest number of people. I hope our economy will shoot up and an average man can afford 3-square meals.

Funke Akindele

Adeboye again prays for peaceful election

We want a change of government- Felix Duke Osagie

I expect a change of government. I’m tired of stories. This present Government has nothing to offer apart from excuses and blame game. I expect Nigerians to go out there and vote this government out, especially our fans and every member of the creative industry around Nigeria because this present Government has no future for the creative industry.

I hope for free and fair elections- Sylvia Olivia

I hope we have a free, fair and peaceful election. We all need to go out and vote for the candidates that we believe is best for the upliftment of our country Nigeria. Say no to bribery of any form because our future as a great nation is not for sale.

I’m tired of all their failed promises- Musician, Sound Sultan

I hope to see a lot of changes. I’m tired of all their failed promises. They promised to give us steady power supply by 2010 but 2010 was 9-years ago and we still don’t have steady power supply. So, this is one of the many changes I would love to see.

I expect the best man to win- Seyi Hunter

As a Nigerian and an entertainer, I pray Nigerians come out and vote. I pray the election should be free and fair, violent free and I pray the best man that truly has the love of Nigerians and entertainers win. We want the government to invest more in entertainment. Personally, I’ll be in my constituency canvassing people to come out and vote their choice.

I hope my vote will not be rigged- Righteous Man

How do you define hope in a nation that is so rich and fruitful but the people are poor and barren? A nation of greedy leaders, overdeveloped on promises but underdeveloped in putting it to reality. A soldier go soldier come, the barracks remains the same mentality; a nation praying to God to do what we voted our leaders to do for us.

Seyi Hunter

A nation that has lost her beauty, using makeup to deceive the people that all is fine. I do not believe ABC party will take us to the promise land. We need leaders with the heart of love, love that goes beyond religion, tribe and self. I learnt long time ago that only fools are in a hurry to take sides. Man to man is so unjust; don’t know who to trust anymore. It’s important to note that true leadership is when the leader makes himself a ladder for the people to climb not the reverse. I have my PVC, I’ll vote wisely and I hope my vote is counted not rigged. I don’t work with hope, I believe more in faith that Nigeria will be a better place someday

I hope for a progressive Nigeria- Judy Austin

I don’t really know what to hope for during this election rather than to pray that our leaders would grow a heart; to be able to lead and not rule. I pray for a free and fair election, and a progressive Nigeria.

We won’t spare effort to organize credible polls, Buhari tells Commonwealth scribe

I expect power to change hands- Musician, Isaac Geralds

I’m very hopeful that Nigeria would change because I think we’re ready for a change; seeing how everybody is beginning to take knowledge and power into their own hands by getting their voters card. And then we’ve seen how young people are beginning to get up and get responsible for themselves. So I believe Nigerians are ready for a change. I’m also hopeful that it would be a peaceful election because I believe everything would be done in proper order. People are holding the government and responsible bodies responsible and accountable. I believe this election would be different, I believe that power would change hands and I hope for a better Nigeria after the elections.

Nigerians should vote wisely- Actress, Inem Peters

My expectation for this election is for every Nigerian to vote wisely. I expect a free and fair election. I am also calling on God to help us vote in whoever has good intentions concerning this country. After the elections, I hope for a better Nigeria; security, good roads, standard education, job opportunities, stable electricity. As Nigerians the only way our voice can be aired is through our vote, our vote is our voice.

Sound Sultan

I expect the peoples’  votes to count- Dancehall singer, African China

I’m expecting a massive peaceful turn out. I expect the peoples’ vote to count because we all know what Nigerians want in life now. And after the election, we want restructuring so that Port Harcourt, Warri, Calabar sea ports will start working like Lagos’ sea port; so that there will be jobs for people in all of this areas.

I don’t care who wins but… – Musician/Broadcaster, Alariwo

In all honesty, I really don’t care who wins. All I’m concerned about is for us to get good governance, basic amenities like constant power supply, transport, electricity, housing, health care and education. Education is important for me. Free education is necessary because so many people are crying out for help.

My expectations are a free and fair elections, – Actor, Uzee Usman

My expectations are a free, fair, transparent, and credible elections in Nigeria. My hope for Nigeria is for a greater Nigeria, a Nigeria we all are yearning for.

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