January 13, 2019

Tunji-ojo Laments ‘Deficient Representation’ Suffered By Akoko

Tunji-ojo Laments ‘Deficient Representation’ Suffered By Akoko

The House of Representatives candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for Akoko North East/West, Ondo State, Hon. Bunmi Tunji-Ojo, has lamented what he described as the deficient representation and performance suffered by Akoko land.

Tunji-Ojo, fondly called BTO, has never hidden the fact that he was running for the House of Representatives so as to be able to position his constituency to benefit from core development and to also create wealth for his people.

In a chat, he regretted that key infrastructures in his constituency belong to the Federal Government and that virtually all the roads in the federal constituency have become dilapidated. But Tunji-Ojo was upbeat that he will provide effective representation if elected as a lawmaker. He assured of his ability to influence, persuade and lobby the Federal Government to intervene and embark on total reconstruction of key roads in Akoko land.

The APC candidate also expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that some communities in Akoko have been denied power supply for close to four years. He was emphatic that the fact that major plights of Akoko people were unknown to people outside boiled down to deficiency in representation and performance. But BTO was quick to assure that he could not allow such poor representation and non-performance to linger, stressing his mission to save the people and his constituency. He plans to deliver an Akoko nation that all would be proud of.

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Tunji -Ojo dwelt on his agenda which include infrastructural development, wealth creation, employment and empowerment; education and healthcare. He promised to focus more on infrastructural development if elected. He emphasized on the need to lobby and interact with relevant agencies to ensure that basic critical infrastructures are put in place.

His words, “The last time the road I mentioned earlier was constructed was during the era of the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF), when our son, the former Asiwaju of Akokoland, Rufus Giwa was a member of that noble fund. He was able to facilitate the construction, since then, the road has not been rehabilitated”.

Tunji -Ojo said it was unimaginable that a trip that should not take more than a few minutes now takes over an hour as a result of the poor condition of the road. He said: “As a grassroots person, I know and feel what our people are going through because I ply that road daily. To me, that road is a major project for us. Also, electricity is very key to our people. Communities like Irun Akoko have not had electricity for years”.

He also could not hide his disappointment on the deplorable state of health and education facilities in the constituency. In the words: “If you see some of our schools and hospitals, you will ask yourself if we truly have representation. And the answer will, of course, be simply no”.

The management expert stressed that infrastructural development was needed to make life easier for the people, majority of who are mainly farmers who would need to transport their produce to major towns to sell.  In the words, Tunji-Ojo argued:, “There have to be inter communal trade, but in our area, because of the deplorable road network, the people are not making gains from their farm produce and we hope that God will use me to facilitate total rehabilitation of these roads”.