Sponsorship/ Networking

Joe 28, reside in Abuja need a job within or outside Abuja. 08023853801
Chidiebere, 30, from Anambra needs support from well meaning Nigerians to start a business with N300, 000. 0708385977
Samuel, resident in Asaba, Delta State needs connection to work in a factory (semi skilled or unskilled job). He is tall, agile and can multi task. He is ready to change location if necessary. He would however prefer Enugu, Ibadan,Anambra, or Lagos. 08167520644,08052517580

My baby Daddy and I are not suitable–Linda Ikeji

Searching Female

Grace 33, from Rivers State, fair in complexion, average height, needs a man, aged 35 above for a relationship that will lead to marriage.
Chigozie, 24, fair in complexion, busty, tall and pretty, needs a caring man for a relationship.08141629937

Searching Male
Humphrey 40, AA, teacher, resides in Sapele Delta state needs a lady, aged 22-30, for a relationship, that will lead to marriage.08083250452
Jeffrey, 35, a civil servant financially secure needs a serious-minded beautiful lady for a serious relationship that could lead to marriage. 09075243182
A man 31, from Delta, needs a lady for a serious relationship. She must be God fearing and of good character. 08133978595
Mustapha from Edo state needs someone to assist with his education. 08164212739
Godwin is in need of a beautiful lady aged 25-35, who desires to have fun with.09062211498
A God fearing man in his early 60s needs a God fearing and good looking single lady aged 40-53. She must be given to natural and feminine dressing.09060079739
Tony, 23, resident in Lagos needs female friends for serious friendship. 08136448322
Akintola, 39, from Abeokuta would love to meet mature, independent lady for a relationship that can lead to marriage.08153049746
Chika, 30, resident in Anambra needs a lady aged 28-35 for a  relationship. 08034981278,08167420803
Kolawole, 40, from Abeokuta, self employed, needs a God fearing lady aged 35 and above for a serious relationship.08038639558
James, mature and HIV positive needs a wife. He is resident in Lagos. 08091492263
Are you contented,transparent, peaceful hard working and Christian lady who is HIV positive or negative. Uc, is HlV positive and mature, and needs you for marriage.08024566303
Toni, 24, resides in Lagos, need a sexy, romantic, caring lady aged 19 and above who is good in bed. 08136448322
Jerry, 32, employed, from Delta state, needs a lady, aged 26-30 for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage. 08153473942
James, 33, tall, with genotype AA, and resident in Benin, needs an honest Edo lady, aged 25-35, that resides in United States of America, for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage. 08020921194
Sola, 48, a widower with 2 boys and a poultry farm is based in Abeokuta. He needs a loving; employed woman aged 30-40 for a relationship. 08034206054
Samuel, 40, from Abeokuta, needs a serious, independent lady, aged 35+ for marriage. 09028672548
Chelsea 30, a computer engineer who loves singing. He needs a rich lady with a good character. 08110312727
Chief Scoa, 66, from Imo State is separated. He needs a God fearing rich lady aged 40-60 for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage. 08035545469
Ola, 42, from Ondo is a Christian. He needs a single, dark complexioned Christian lady aged 28-35 for marriage.08032420454
Richmark, 40, a civil engineer resident in Delta state needs a woman aged 35-45 for a relationship.08118692290
Johnson, 52, needs a widow, or divorcee, aged 35-45, for a relationship that will lead to marriage.09037156806
Sam 27, slim, chocolate in complexion, tall, handsome, from Imo State, but resides in Lagos, needs a beautiful lady, aged 19-25, for a serious relationship, that will lead to marriage. 07060716742
Patrick 33, from Akwa Ibom State, needs a serious lady he can settle down with. 08084406610
Sammy, a medical doctor, needs a beautiful and elegant God fearing,employed or business, lady, aged 26-39, for marriage.08135088476
Asiri needs a lady, who is still at the stage of child bearing, as second wife. 08063534323, 09028386818
Olamide 59 resides in Abeokuta, separated and has two children, needs a single mother, aged 40 and above, who resides in any part of the west, for a relationship that will lead to marriage. 08133576265
Tayo 52, sincere and God fearing, needs a lady ,aged 25 and above, who is ready to invest in IT consult business, for a relationship that will lead to marriage, in Lagos. 08133877820
Kunle 40, a graduate, self employed and resides in Abeokuta, needs an independent and employed lady, aged 35, for a relationship that will lead to marriage.08164178084

Sugar Cares
Searching Male

Jojo 43, needs a caring sugar mummy.08020917559
Tony, 24, based in Abia state is very good in bed. He needs a sugar mummy that can take care of his financial needs. 08124870397
Kelvin 33, fair incomplexion, from delta state, needs a very romantic sugar mummy to be his. 09091968687, 07062850832
Favour, 25, needs a sugar mummy who can take care of him. He promises to satisfy her sexually.08155643004
Wale, 30, needs a sugar mummy to care for him. 07087590449
China, 37, from Umuahia, tall, strong and well endowed, needs a caring, neat and very fat sugar mummy, aged 45-65 who needs sexual satisfaction. 07038649576
Chris 52, resides in Warri, Delta State, married, but needs a caring sugar mummy, aged 40-60, for a relationship. 08109400839
Chukwuemeka 35, tall, cute, energetic, humble and from Owerri, Imo State, needs a rich sugar mummy, aged 37-70, for sexual pleasure.08069057313



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