January 31, 2019

N10M Bribe: Replace Kogi INEC Commissioner Now – PDP

N10M Bribe: Replace Kogi INEC Commissioner Now – PDP


The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP has demanded the immediate redeployment of the Kogi State Resident Electoral Commissioner of the  Independent Electoral Commission, INEC, Prof. Jacob Spam, following the allegation that the REC collected N10 million from the state government.

Head, Media and Publicity of Kogi State PDP Presidential Campaign Council, Mr. Austin Okai who made the demand on Thursday said the “bribe” money was for the REC to rig the general election in favour of the APC.

Okai in his press statement said failure to redeploy and replace the REC will result to anarchy in the state


The 2019 presidential elections is exactly 17 days from today and the Kogi State Presidential Campaign Council of the Peoples’ Democratic Party considers it expedient to draw the attention of the Inspector General of Police and other lovers of democracy to a worrisome trend in Kogi State which is capable of finally stroking an unprecedented scale of violence only second to the conflict in Somalia.

Nigerians may recall that less than 21 days ago, this council exposed some covert attempts by the outgoing governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Adoza Bello to deploy widespread violence as means of intimidating voters such that the outcome of the elections will be as desired by some nefarious forces.

Nigerians may also remember that within the same period, Intels emerged about an unwholesome relationship between the Kogi State Resident Electoral Commissioner of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Prof. James Akpam and the Kogi State Governor which was brokered over sacks of rice.

It is pursuant to the foregoing and newest developments that this council hereby alerts the good people of Kogi State that finally, the Kogi State Resident Electoral Commissioner of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Prof. James Akpam has cemented His relationship of the Kogi State government.

We are aware that already, Prof. James Akpam has been paid in full for selling His conscience via services He has accepted to render to the outgoing Kogi State governor in view of the coming elections for a paltry N10M.

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The people of Kogi State are immensely shocked to know that a man in the towering stature of a university professor is actually worth a meager N10M especially as the pricing is coming on account of his decision to swim against the tide in opposition to the collective will of a people who have been at the mercy of bad leaders and are determined to break loose in less than 17 days from now.

As at now, this council notes that the Kogi State Resident Electoral Commissioner of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Prof. James Akpam has accepted a list containing 200 names from the outgoing Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Adoza Bello for the purpose of ensuring their enlistment as adhoc staff of the INEC who will play a crucial role in the collation of results in already determined flashpoints across the state.

Whereas the identity of these 200 individuals are unknown, members of the Kogi State Presidential Campaign Council of the Peoples’ Democratic Party have been harassed by persistent calls from Kogi people all of which suggest that these individuals are members of a special strike force well funded by the Kogi State government and trained in combat, drills and handling of weapons.

This is coming side by side reports from insider sources that training manuals and other document of the INEC including specimen of result sheets, card readers and ink have been handed over to Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello for onward delivery to this 200 nominees of His.

This council acknowledges that these are signs of grave danger and an imminent implosion in Kogi State.

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However, Kogites and Nigerians are strongly assured that the perpetrators of evil against mankind will not triumph as their moments of joy will be cut short by forces of nature which abhor bloodshed of any kind.

Their paths will be dark and slippery as the angels of liberation pursue and strike them down.

We therefore call on the Executive Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Prof. Yakubu Mohammed to immediately replace the remarkably cheap and already compromised Kogi State Resident Electoral Commissioner, Prof. James Akpam because He is both a black sheep and sore thumb on an INEC that is already facing various degrees of integrity tests before Nigerians.

Without fear of contradiction, we submit that a Resident Electoral Commissioner who is worth only a few bushels of local rice and a paltry N10M will not have a rethink if offered an opportunity to discredit the INEC as an institution if this price is raised by another kobo.

Prof. James Akpam cannot be said to possess the clarity of purpose, objectivity and independence of mind required to act in a sensitive position.

He should be kept as far away as possible from Kogi as a state and INEC as an institution as means of guarantying the integrity of the February 16th 2019 presidential elections in Kogi State while the DSS and EFCC should be on standby to quarantine Him.

While we watch and count time, we charge our elders, stake holders, leaders, members, affiliate groups and other supporters to intensify their mobilization efforts because we remain convinced that the collective will of Kogi people will not be thwarted by individuals and groups to whom the phrase “free, fair, credible and acceptable elections” mean nothing.

*Usman, Austin Okai.*
Head, Media and Publicity,
Kogi State PDP Presidential Campaign Council